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Muntazer al-Zaidi, an instant sensation?

Muntazer al-Zaidi, an instant sensation?

An Iraqi reporter Muntazer al-Zaidi has become an instant sensation in the Arab World; he has still many supporters by hitting shoe on President Bush during the press conference in Iraq. Apparently, there are a lot of people in rally opposing the judgment of Iraqi reporter Muntazer al-Zaidi. Unfortunately, Muntazer al-Zaidi will be punished by spending two years in jail for the disrespect behavior to a foreign President.

Some Iraqi agrees with Muntazer al-Zaidi did and some are not. This shoe-throwing reporter is the hottest issue on the internet besides they make it as fun by creating Web games on it where the players hurl footwear at moving targets of the U.S. president. Do you agree of this disrespectful behavior of Muntazer al-Zaidi?

Rock Proposal

Rock Proposal goes into a tragic story

Leafil Alforque a very young Filipina, 22 years old from Manila, Philippines swept by a wave near at Neskowin beach, Oregon with her American fiancée Scott Napper a 45 year old when it was about to propose her on the Rock, when they both climb on the rock itself the high tide was swept to them and brought Leafil Alforque into a tragedy and now she was missing! Though her fiancée wants to save her but since the two couple let go of each other's hands, Scott Napper did not make it. The body does not found yet. These two couple met through an Internet dating site and was dating on the internet for about two years; Leafil Alforque is about 4-foot-11 and 93 pounds.

They were about to marry on Dec.6 but this dream was die, sad to hear this story, I felt sorry for Leafil Alforque and her family, it is a kind of nightmare. We hope that the body will be found soon and let’s pray for miracle happen.

PHil. Banks link to paypal

Possible Methods of Withdrawing PayPal in the Philippines

Method/Service Possible to Withdraw? Fund Transfer Type

UnionBank EON/eWallet Yes Deposit to bank account (ATM)

Citibank Visa Yes Cash Advance or Over-payment Cheque

Citibank MasterCard Yes Cash Advance or Over-payment Cheque

HSBC Visa Yes Cash Advance

Standard Chartered Visa Yes Cash Advance (?)

Metrobank Visa Yes Cash Advance

EPCI Bank Visa Electron Yes Deposit to bank account (ATM) Yes Deposit to bank account or Cash Pickup Yes Load credits convertible to cash (?) Yes Withdrawn as e-gold convertible to cash

ATM cards w/o Visa/Mastercard logo No -

BDO Debit card w/ Mastercard logo No -
BDO Mastercard No -
ChinaTrust Visa No -
Globe G-Cash No -

Each method is explained in detail below.
More details in the discussion thread How to withdraw funds from Paypal Philippines.
UnionBank EON or eWallet Debit card - POSSIBLE
Citibank Visa Credit card - POSSIBLE
According to, payments are considered “Cash Advance” which incurs additional fees and monthly interest charges. Alternatively, an “Over-payment Cheque,” which has no fees and interest charges, can be requested from any Citibank branch.
Citibank Mastercard Credit card - POSSIBLE
HSBC Visa Credit card - POSSIBLe
Standard Chartered Visa Credit card - POSSIBLE
Metrobank Visa Credit card - POSSIBLE
According to, funds appear as a Cash Advance or Payment to a credit card balance.
Equitable PCI (EPCI) Bank Visa Electron Debit card - POSSIBLE
Confirmed in a post on the forum although nodules reported that her EPCI card does not have a CVV Number. Biske suggested that the CVV be requested directly from EPCI. - POSSIBLE
Be warned that PayPal sometimes put a limit on accounts that use the Xoom withdrawal method. Read more about Limited PayPal accounts here.
Latest Update: according to Jericho, Xoom has now prohibited intra-Philippines transfers “until further notice.” The buzz is that PayPal does not want a non-affiliated middle-man such as Xoom to be part of the withdrawal process. - POSSIBLE
According to writerservices: “Sa chikka, within minutes andyan na pera mo. Mahal nga lang in the long run kasi $7 per Php 5,000 ang kaltas (Using Chikka, your money is available in just a few minutes. However, it gets expensive in the long run because the fee is $7 for every P5,000).”
2slick shared that Chikka first verifies a new user’s identity and that the amount to be transferred can only be in certain denominations.
Biske added that Chikka can only accomodate Smart Money transfers. - POSSIBLE
The process may seem complicated at first glance because PayPal is initially withdrawn as e-gold then converted into cash.
2slick explains how the process goes: a deposit must first be made to a Scriptlance account and the balance is withdrawn as e-gold. Received e-gold funds are then converted to cash through e-currency exchangers such as Expected total lead time for this process is 4 days.
Bank ATMs and Debit cards without a Visa or Mastercard logo (e.g., BPI ExpressCash, BDO CashCard,Citibank CitiCard) - Almost Always NOT POSSIBLE
If your card does not have a Visa or Mastercard logo, it probably does not support PayPal withdrawals. To confirm, try it in PayPal. Let us know if it works.
BDO Debit card with Mastercard Electron logo - NOT POSSIBLE
BDO Mastercard Credit card - NOT POSSIBLE
ChinaTrust Visa Credit card - NOT POSSIBLE
G-Cash cannot be used in PayPal because it is neither linked to any bank account nor affiliated with Visa or Mastercard. The absence of a physical card also makes it impossible to get a Card Number and CVV Number, things necessary to successfully attach a card in PayPal.

Blogging Terms!

Before you start blogging, try to familiarize yourself with these blogging terms first.

Blog – can be used to refer to the blog site or to refer to the act of “blogging” — that is, to maintain a blog or post a blog article.
Blogging – is the act of maintaining a blog or posting an article in a blog.
Blogger – is a person who runs a blog or posts in a blog.
Blog feed – is a form of XML-based file produced by the blog software so that the contents of the blog may be “syndicated” for further distribution on the web.
Blog hopping – is when fellow blogger used to follow the links from one blog to another; basically, to jump or hop from blog to blog.
Blogroll – is a list of blog members. Bloggers usually place a blog roll in the sidebar of their blogs to show other blogs they like or frequently visit.
Categories –is a method of organizing blog entries by assigning each entry to a predetermined topic. Each category will link to a list of all entries with related content.
Comment – is a reaction or feedback to a blog entry posted by another blogger, usually located at the end of a blog article.
Permalink – is the Permanent link or the unique URL of a single post.
Post – is refers to the blog entry itself.