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Want to hear latest news from Smorty?

Have not you heard yet latest news from Smorty network? Well, I will share what I have experienced lately. After 6 months of waiting offers/campaigns from them, finally the other day they gave me 2 offers after a long time of waiting, hopefully it will be the starting time that smorty will be rocking again and they will keep giving campaigns to the bloggers who have a small and minimum/lower page rank. Because as we all know smorty is only prioritize to the blogs that have a higher page rank or the blog that has a high quality when it comes to the traffic or back links. Well, apparently it is unfair! Google has only recognized blogs that have a small amount of paid post, but there are lots of blogger, too, that could capture many readers and customers even the Google has never given them a good ranking. Well, this is what I understood. Some blogging networks are usually relying to Google page rank or Google page index, but sometimes you will get a large number of Google index but your page rank is still zero, so everything is unexplainable. Well, only the search engines know about it ;)).

Fun Holiday Eyeglasses from Zenni

Looking for affordable Prescription Glasses? If so, $8 Prescription Zenni Glasses are the perfect one for you! Are you wondering why they are selling cheap glasses? Well, it is because they are selling it directly to the customer with no middlemen and advertising budget, frames from are always affordable! Now they are selling Holiday Fun Eyeglasses which are affordable in your wallet. I also like their New Arrivals , you will enjoy watching their wonderful selection of holiday frames available! Check this out and get one for you.

I like this “3851 Two Tone Plastic Half-Rim Frame” I like the design, it’s perfect in any seasons. From here you can ensure the quality and the cheapest price ever!

I always missed the OPP/offers

How many times you missed some Opps in the market place of SS (socialspark)? I missed their OPP many times, I was qualified for it but I couldn't grab it because I was always late (LOL), this is a thing that you need to pay attention in blogging, if you want to earn money or you want to get some OPPS you must be attentive every now and then because they only display the OPP/offers in the market in a couple of minutes, but not all, the rest of the OPPs they let it transparent in the market, but here is the thing mostly of the OPP that you have been qualified they don't diplay it in a long period of time, they will close it right away and so you can't able to grab the OPP anymore that they opened in just a couple minutes. So in this lesson you must wake up early and check your blogging network by signing it in and visit the Opp market place and there you can assure that you will not miss the new OPPs coming in the market. I know the feeling when you receive a notification from your email that you are qualified to take the OPP and then when you check it, it is already closed, it means you were late of grabbing the new Opp that has been displayed. Well, better luck next time.

Free upload file

Have you ever heard of a file hosting provider, MissUpload? It's something new for me. It is a free file hosting provider that offers help to anyone who needs a free file hosting provider to send their file that is too large for e-mail. I have never heard this one before, it's indeed pretty cool and interesting! If you are a good surfer or internet user this might be very interesting to you then, this kind of file uploading services with reward program is simply a free service where you can able to upload files up to 25 MB, 1 files max ( You can even upload URL and RapidShare Leecher for free). Why don't you upload your file, photo, music, or video now and share it with friends and get paid? More space, more files and more revenue! Need secure remote storage capacity for off-site backups? MissUpload offers online storage or remote backup capacity, sophisticated uploading and downloading tools (you can host files, images, videos, audio and flash on the same place). You can upload all kinds of files here from photos to an important document, but pornography, nudity, sexual images and any kind offensive material are restricted. So check out this “free upload file” today!

Blogging rare in Weekend

I have noticed that there is no much offers/OPPS/reviews during weekend, usually it's rare if you get one during those days, weekend would be a perfect day to blog, we can usually have spare time during weekend because it is commomly the time off from work. Do you agree? And mostly they are giving OPP/offers/reviews in the morning during business days, the other network is unpredictable too. But I usually get OPP in the morning, afternoon is rare nor evening. So if you are working in a daytime you can't easily grab one or you can't have opporutnity to get more OPP because morning is usually their time to release OPP in the marketplace, do you agree with this? Well, this is what I have noticed in my own experienced. I am usually experiencing this one. So blogging is perfect for those who can access thier blog or work in their blog in the morning. Or it is really perfect for those at home and not working in daytime. Blogging is indeed fun!

Gillette Career Advantage Helps Job-Seekers

Are you a job seeker? You should look at Update Your Look Before You Update Your Resume. This is one of many good ideas available from Gillette Career Advantage; they are helping job seekers like you get ready to be hired and earn a steady salary. Here you can learn the importance of being a well-groomed employee. Their recent survey of more than 500 HR professionals shows that 84% of them agree that well-groomed employees climb the corporate ladder faster than those who are not well groomed. You can also participate on their online survey. I would like to participate in it, too! Gillette Career Advantage has sections called Expert Advice (which includes career information), Hire Guide (tips on how you can gain the advantage you need in the job market) and Career Quiz (questions and answers for specific jobs). These can give you more knowledge, more confidence and prepare you for a successful job interview.

Check out Gillette Career Advantage today and get helpful tips from their Expert Advice section. It is dedicated to those who are looking for new jobs or trying to get ahead in the jobs they currently have. It is designed to help job-seekers by providing them with the tools, information and advice they need to rise above the competition in today's competitive job market. Check out the Gillette Resource Center now!


My netbook can't search our internet connection

My netbook laptop can't search our internet connection in the house however it could pick up a connection from our neighbors or from the neighborhood, it sounds cripy! I can't figure how it happens, I have already done the steps on how to connect it from the router but it won't let me; I have already entered the ip address, netmask, gateway or what so ever including the key or password in order to complete the process, and same it is not working. Till I figured out that it does not even displayed or picked-up connection from our network but it could pick up connections from other far places instead, this is weird!

My netbook laptop has already had a wireless connection ( or let say it is a wireless netbook laptop) so there must be no problem to pick up a signal, but unfortunately this time I don't know the real problems at all. Anybody knows how to fix it? I can't locate our network ( main router server), is there any possibility that the server has been blocking the connection? Any idea?

How to save a phone bill for texts and calls?

Have you figured out how to save your text bills in your phone? Well, if you are using Blackberry in verizon phone service-there is a chance to reduce your bills on text. At verizon blackberry phone Internet connection is free it is already part of the monthly plan, but since text and call have been separated in different payment you can cut the text option and only use the calls and use your internet connection to text to other phone provider. Take note: you can text blackberry to blackberry phone for free since it has a private text messenger for blackberry phone only. Back to free internet connection; In verizon blackberry phone since the Internet connection is free you can cut your text plan and use your phone internet connection to chat or text to someone else who are using different phone and provider. How it works? Well, it's simple - aside from using yahoo messenger to text or chat someone, you can use the "google talk" to text someone either direct to phone number of the receiver or to his/her googletalk messenger, in order to make it work the both users must have Google talk account to text each other for free, but however, if you are going to send text to phone number the receiver won't need to have a Google account. The awesome thing with the google talk is you can even send text messages to the other country's phone number - mean international text for free. In order to have a "Google talk" account, you must register an account to

Furthermore, speaking of phone - if you prefer to use calls other than text, the best thing you could do is use calling cards to save your bills especially in international calls,  it's indeed cheaper than using a regular phone  minutes deduction.

Sending Text to US phone using chikkatalk in Gmail account

I am using chikkatalk for months to text my family in the Philippines and I was trying if I could send text messages in United states phone and unfortunately it won't let me I got an error on it - it says message sending failed or the text messages was not delivered. I was wondering how it couldn't work, so I was looking different ways to make it work. Since chikkatalk is supported in Gmail account, I tried to log in there and tried to use my text messenger located at the left side of the page I hit the "send/search/add" textbox and I typed the US phone number then I sent a text, and guess what? It was working! The receiver got my text message, it was awesome. Now I understand that you could not send text message to US phone number using a chikkatalk in "google talk" otherwise use your gmail account to send text message to any US phone number. It will perfectly work. Now I can able to send text messages to any US phone number. Great!