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New Stimulus Plan

If you are watching Television or Reading Newspapers, you know that our Government Passed last Week a $787 Billion Dollar "Stimulus" Plan. Then what do you think about it right now? Maybe it’s just nothing? Well, unless you are on Social Security whereby Our Government will be mailing a Whopping $ 250 one time check to those On Social Security, you will have to Dig Deep to see where you will benefit from this New Stimulus Plan!

This New Stimulus Plan is an opportunity to get your hands a piece of $2 Billion Dollars! All you have to do is know how to get your Piece of this $2 Billion Dollars That According to the Stimulus Plan WILL BE MADE AVAILABLE STARTING MARCH 4th, 2009! So this is a First Come First Serve Type of Deal our Very Own Government Has Made! What do you think the advantages and disadvantages of this plan?

My favorite forum

I’ll share you about my favorite forum called the world of Filipinas, have you heard this forum? First time I heard it from this forum was created to help Filipino-Foreign for any visa petition around the world by sharing member’s journey, and experienced about visa, honestly I was so thankful on this site I’ve learned a lot and I am a member here for years, here you can look up different things regarding in marrying Americans and other foreigners, and the most important is the visa processing. This forum could help in so many ways you can ask various questions or even just simply reading it you can get some ideas, the moderators and members will definitely give you some authentic information too if you are going to ask on the forum since some of them have been through of the same process. I know a lot of friends here and I appreciate everybody’s effort for sharing their experienced and helping others, anyway it helps me a lot about my visa petition. I am sharing it to you maybe it could help you too someday. It could be a social site too as you can meet some good and nice friends as well.

Blogging boredom sometimes

I feel bored blogging today. Did you experience your blog page rank went down? Well, it’s really frustrating, until your blog rank is zero it’s boredom since you can’t get lots of tasks, it’s boring, mostly blog network preferred to have high page rank of course even your blogs are approved you need to have it rank. One of a blog network that very strict about giving task is smorty, I have noticed that they never give task until your blog has no page rank even if it is approved from their network however in the other blog network you can get but rare and very little amount. So the most important and the basic way to do are to build traffic first and get rank to your blog. And if you already have rank on your blog do your best to maintain that rank rather than to start it all over again when it goes back to zero like what happened mine. I need to start from the beginning and generate traffic again, I expected to make it higher but I was surprised when it goes to zero rank again. Now my traffic goes back to empty and nothing.

All about Blog

If you are reading this article because you have decided to create your own blog, congratulations! You will be joining millions of people around the world who are currently blogging and sharing their experiences and opinions on various things.

What is a blog?
The word blog comes from the phrase web log and although blogging became popular only recently, this phenomenon is not entirely new. In the past, several internet users have kept personal online diaries where they log their experiences and thoughts — and this is a precursor to what we now know as blogging.
According to
cNet, as of 2006 more than 175,000 new blogs worldwide are created everyday, roughly translating to one new blog every half a second. By year-end 2007, blog-ranking site is said to be tracking more than 112 million blogs worldwide.

Blogging terms
Before you start blogging, try to familiarize yourself with these blogging terms first.
Blog - may be used as a noun to refer to the blog site or as a verb to refer to the act of “blogging” — that is, to maintain a blog or post a blog article (“I am going to blog about my recent trip to Africa.”).
Blogging - the act of maintaining a blog or posting an article in a blog.
Blogger - a person who runs a blog or posts in a blog. May also refer to, Google’s blog hosting web site.
Blog feed - an XML-based file produced by the blog software so that the contents of the blog may be “syndicated” for further distribution on the web.
Blog hopping - to follow the links from one blog to another; basically, to jump or hop from blog to blog. Blogosphere - all blogs or the entire blogging community.
Blogroll - a list of blogs. Bloggers usually place a blogroll in the sidebar of their blogs to show other blogs they like or frequently visit.
Categories - a method of organizing blog entries by assigning each entry to a predetermined topic. Each category will link to a list of all entries with related content.
Comment - a reaction or feedback to a blog entry posted by another blogger, usually located at the end of a blog article.
Permalink - Permanent link. The unique URL of a single post.
Post - as a noun, refers to the blog entry itself (“This post is about my dog.”).

Types of blogs
The usual type of blog is a textual blog with content that is primarily text, although sometimes this can be accompanied by photos, videos, or other multimedia.
A podcasting blog broadcasts audio and video.
A blog with predominantly video content is called a video blog or vlog.
One that looks like a picture gallery blog with photos as primary content is called a photoblog.
A blog written via mobile devices such as celphones or PDA is called a moblog or mobile blog.
Who’s blogging?
Individuals usually run personal blogs which they use as online diaries to talk about their experiences, hobbies,or interest. Some choose a particular niche which they blog about such as entertainment,fashion, travel, politics, business, etc.

Rock Climbing Shoes

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About online relationship

We have noticed that online dating is the popular dating relationship today. From our modern generation and high technology it’s not impossible that the person becomes more wise and creative. People are very busy from work and no time of finding relationship from their local area, most single people prefer to seek partner online, and begin start talking to each other online and eventually meet each other then or it’s called eyeball and possibly getting in love to one another, and end to happily married. What can you say about online dating? Well, simply it’s created to let people find the best and the right person even throughout the world, and the truth is you can find different personalities and you can choose the best one for you, indeed, far distance relationship is not easy but there are always possibility that two creation get together, and apparently it is the most interesting and exciting. Today, we know that mostly couple met online before they get married in a real life. But however, you should be careful too as online dating can go beyond bad influence to both young and mature people there are lots of bad people who are trying to scam online. There are different types of scammer and fraud people as well.

Beaute de Maman

Good news to all pregnant women, Beaute de Maman is a great resource for health and beauty products developed by a board-certified obstetrician to treat problems that are related to physiological and hormonal changes experienced by women during pregnancy. The beauty products from Beaute de Maman are safe in a way that they only utilize natural and herbal ingredients to ensure the safety of both mother and fetus. In fact, most Hollywood celebrity moms including Penelope Ann Miller, Salli Richardson-whitfield, Chyler Leigh, and many others are using their products, so you can ensure the safeness of their products as it is being used by celebrity moms. So why don’t you try their products now so you can feel more comfortable, healthier and happier during this special time in your life? At Beaute de maman you can find best beauty products and effective remedies for the common problems that women face in pregnancy. The products are extensively studied and evaluated, and only contain natural and herbal ingredients so it’s totally safe for both mother and fetus. Also, they provide free shipping when you purchase $25 or more on domestic orders. Try their affordable products and order now! If you are pregnant this resource is perfect for you.


Socialspark grammatical errors

What can you say about socialspark grammatical errors? I have noticed that they’re so strict in grammars, and honestly I have lots of posts wasted because of my grammatical errors; they don’t allow any little mistakes in spellings and grammars, they require you to fix and resubmit it again within 5 days because of too many grammatical errors, the funny thing is sometimes you get confuse what part of paragraph you need to fix or you need to correct or sometimes you are confused where did you get wrong. And take note you only have 3 times to resubmit the post and if it’s still not corrected it’s not already eligible for resubmission, so it means permanently rejected post, and you wasted the opportunity. I already have four posts rejected and not already capable for resubmission, it’s so sad. Anyway, it’s really challenging to someone who considered English as their third language. Well, you can learn a lot though and you will enhance to use the proper grammar.

Smorty banned blog

A couple days ago I asked Smorty network regarding the blog banned, if there is possible to resubmit it again or if there is a chance to fix it, and they responded me right away, and the reply is “Smorty ban blogs for using duplicate content or other fraudulent activities. You will be sent an email with the cause if your blog is banned. No you cannot unban a blog” so it means there is no possibility that you can submit your banned blog again to their network, it would be forever rejected! I think the only way to do is to change your URL and submit it again but in that way you will start at the beginning in a way that your rank will be down to zero if you start changing your URL domain name. It’s sad to say that I had experienced regarding banned blog due to copying content from my other blog, then now I was unable to resubmit it again to Smorty network since it has been banned.

How to keep invisible in Yahoo Messenger

Are you wondering why you can’t see your friend on your messenger list while it shows to others? I will explain it clearly, I have experienced that one of my friend in my yahoo friend list is always appear as invisible status on my messenger while it shows and visible to my other friend, how it happens? Well, you can hide and be invisible to the person who you don’t want to know that you are online without changing your status as invisible entirely- mean you can possibly make your status invisible to one person only not to the entire lists. It does make sense. You can do the few simple steps:

1. First log in to your yahoo messenger account
2. From your messenger lists, pick one in the lists that you would like to hide.
3. Simply click once the selected name to highlight, when its highlighted, right click your mouse while its pointed to the highlighted name and point down your cursor to the stealth settings and you can see “Appear offline to-“ or “Appear permanently offline to-“ you can select either of that two options.

Putting your picture as Background

If you want to display your own favorite picture at your computer desktop background, you can do it then, I’ll share you the easy step, do following basic steps:

1. From your empty desktop screen, simply right click the mouse then it will bring you to “Personalize appearance and sounds” page.
2. From the “Personalize appearance and sounds” page click the desktop background found at the page, and click “browse” in picture location and you may now locate the picture file you want to display on your desktop background.
3. When you have the photo simply click it once and click “open” or “save”, and it will automatically display on your desktop background. And you are done!

Best Dog Beds

Do you have Dogs and looking for Dog beds? Give your lovely Dogs the best Bowsers dog beds for sumptuous comfort, Dogs love to sleep and you can make them happy if you give them comfort by providing them best Dog beds from Paw Digs. You can get large dog beds and Harry Barker dog beds brand with affordable prices. Paw Digs is a good resource for finding beds from various manufacturers, you can get a good deal and quality Dog beds. So give your Dog friends a stylish dig now and make them happy for their new comfortable and luxury beds ever!

Steps on EON card verification in PayPal

If you wish to verify your PayPal account using EON card to remove the limit the best thing you can do is to have a union cyber account first- mean you will register or enroll in union bank online at that’s the primary step to make an easy verification in PayPal and wait to 2 to 3 days before your cyber account will be activated. Then if you can now log in to your cyber account or it’s already activated, you can now start verifying your PayPal using your EON ATM card. Follow these steps:

1. First log in to your PayPal account, the click the “ unverified” status under “my Account Overviews” then you will be prompted to enter your account name, card number and etc. just follow the instruction based on your card information.
2. After you successfully enter your card information, you will ask to enter the PayPal code, what is this? PayPal code will be found at your cyber account.
3. Now log in to your EON cyber account to get the PayPal code, when you are at your account page, click the “ Account” found at the top of the page beside “Home” then under “Deposit Accounts Summary click your EON Visa account name.
4. Now under the “Transaction Made” below you can see a transaction description and you see VISA-####PAYPAL-*EXPUSE SG (840), the 4 digit #### is the PayPal code, you may now log in to your PayPal account and enter those 4 digits then you are done! Your PayPal is on verified status now!

New Search Engine!

We are very familiar with Google, yahoo, msn, and technorati search engines. But have you ever heard  of game torrents, it's one of a newest search engine today, and  one of a search solutions that can  be trusted on online searching , it's called a queen torrent or a torrent search engine. If you do blogging today you can add or search your blog URL there to drive more traffic! Or you can even search news, blogs, some online information, games, or videos, and much more. It's one of reliable search engines that provides you a relevant results on your search. Torrent Search engine may not be as popular as Google or yahoo but it provides you a certain results same  as yahoo and Google, want to get a useful information online? Try to use their system. I have tried the system and it provides me a quick information and relevant answer, you can easily  search new videos or music online, this search engine is perfect, Why don't you try it? Try to do your research here and find a relevant information from the site.

Stem Cell Collection for Women

Did you know that there is a groundbreaking technology that collects and preserves stem cells from women? It is called C’elle - a process of stem cell collection for women for the benefit of their future and loved ones. How it works? The women stem cells are being extracted from the woman’s menstrual blood and those stem cells are known to treat of possibly life-threatening diseases including diabetes, heart disease, osteoporosis, stroke, Alzheimer, and Parkinson’s disease that she and her families may face in the later years. At C’elle you can save your life and the lives of your loved ones, and the next family generation. Visit this incredible C’elle and order today!

File extension ctt

Have you heard this File Extension Library resource? Let me explain a little bit about it, File Extension Library is the website contains a comprehensive database of file extensions and their file format is brief and to-the-point. They have over 1,000 file extension definitions that provide you the best user experience possible on the internet it terms of usability and content. Anyway, file extension ctt is one of the file format dedicated to Microsoft Windows Live Messenger that used to export and import a list of contacts from Windows Live Messenger, you can have it to store a list of groups and contacts from MSN/live Messenger instant messaging program, it will save as text file and formatted in XML that can be exported from MSN messenger and can be imported by another user.

Best Shoes

I like shoes and I love collecting different kinds of shoes with different brands. In fact, every year we usually buy Shoes for summer and winter season, changing shoes styles is not unusual for us especially or women, women always looking for vogue and new fashion, or new arrivals. We usually look for top selling brands, speaking of brands; have you found a great resource where you can get best branded shoes? Well if you are looking different styles and brands of shoes, check this amazing site and the deals on shoes that they provide, it is good for you, they are selling shoes with top selling brands and they offer customers the best brand named Kids Shoes, Women's Shoes, and Men's Shoes at unbeatable prices. So take a look these shoes for women and men, at this resource you can find a huge selection of shoes at a very low price. You can save up to 60% off with a 75-day money-back guarantee and no sales tax; you can trust their service with 110% price guarantee! So why not get your winter boots, athletic shoes, dress shoes, and casual boots today? You can visit this resource now for more queries.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009

Have you heard this new released of windows 2009? It would be the next of window vista released by Microsoft- it is called a Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 the purpose of new invention is most dedicated to businesses to increasing usage of ERP. It helps people work faster and easier and give businesses a wide productivity for the new opportunities and growth, let’s hope that it is not frustrating as Microsoft Windows Vista. Anyway from Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009, it provides to a businesses a streamlined and role tailored user experience to help users work more effectively and easily. Plus it can easily connect to a wide range of applications with .NET web services. Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 is a challenging one, why? It has new capabilities designed to increase usage of ERP and fuel individual and organization-wide productivity. It is helping businesses to work more effectively and smartly. Let’s welcome this 2009 windows invention, it sounds interesting.

Blood Pressure Monitor

How will you know if your blood pressure is high? It says that high blood pressure affects millions of people that usually cause of stroke and heart disease, if you don’t know over a third of the adult population experienced stroke and heart disease. The only way to know if you have normal, low, or high blood pressure is measuring your blood pressure to avoid risk from stroke and heart attack, it could bring you into death without any symptoms if you are not paying attention, you can help yourself to keep healthy and safe by using this blood pressure monitor. Though most of us never care regarding in health condition but checking our health condition can save our life from dying disease. You must obtain blood pressure monitor to control your own condition, from this accurate blood pressure monitor you will know your blood pressure condition, and you can easily measure your blood pressure properly at home, so you don't need to be worried about your health. From this excellent health information site you can also find the latest validated blood pressure monitors to save you money. So why don’t you visit the website now if you have concerned about your health.