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Burglaries Increasing

According to a new research burglaries are continuously increasing in Atlanta Downtown especially on Grant Park area. They don’t really stop till they get caught; these criminals will never stop till they get punished- it’s terrifying and stressing out, we face so many problems of economic crisis and we need to deal this kind of people. Recently, one burglary killed because he’s trying to steal; the owner shot him and he died- so he pays what he did. Hopefully, this crime’s happening right now will be minimized so no more lives will be wasted. If you did worst thing you will be ended in the worst punishment too- so better change your direction early, regret is always in the end!

We are all struggling and striving; we should not make this as an excuse to do something bad to our fellowmen, in fact, many nations experience more difficulties and poverty than this nation, and you have many choices in order to live without doing crimes that you are going to pay at the end.

Teeth Whitening Products Online

Do you have enough “smile-confidence”? Well, here are some tips to increase your “smile-confidence,” if you are dealing with yellow teeth or you think it is not look whiter than you expected and it is embarrassing to you, why don’t you try ways to improve your smile with confidence? Speaking of that, you can obtain pearl whitening toothpaste online; it helps your teeth become whiter than before in just three, twenty-minute sessions. Check out this teeth whitening today and order online! The products are awesome, very affordable!

Your delayed Earning

Lately, I Have noticed the delayed payment of PPP (Payperpost), it was just stunning because it’s unusual to them to release late payments, in fact sometimes they pay you in advance even it was not due yet. But recently, I’ve noticed that they released payment after days passed (5 days delayed). They supposedly give funds on-time and advance; I felt bored waiting for it (LOL). I thought they were already tired of issuing payment to the bloggers (LOL). Well, it’s sometimes happening to all blogging networks; the delayed payment usually occurred.

Other networks provide more than that delayed; I’ve already experienced the one week or 2 weeks delayed, and sometimes a month (crazier), but you don’t have choice but to wait and be patient. However, if you really got bored on it, you can ask questions by submitting a ticket to them regarding that issue, and they will give you a response, and maybe they will provide it earlier than they expected.

Online options trading

Have you heard of online options trading? is a binary options trading arena that allows you to gain up to 75% on your investment within an hour. Wow, get a chance to earn more than you expected. They are offering its users the opportunity to make money (up to 75% in just an hour). Why don’t you take a look on their page? It’s an interesting resource; it’s simple but highly profitable, it’s different from traditional option trading. Check out EZTrader today and make more money! In this time of economic crisis we need it! Try this online options trading and earn more!

Droppers of May

Here we go again, I am proud to introduce my top 10 droppers of the month; they are my enthusiastic and loyal droppers during the month of May, I am so thankful of their cooperation; thanks for the kindness, and thanks for dropping cards patiently to my website, I appreciate your efforts, and I promise to continue drop you every day. Hopefully I could see you again next month. Thank you so much people, and have a nice and happy blogging! God Bless us all. Thumbs up and keep up the good work guys.

Sell Downloads Online

Internet is a major source of searching and finding products; most people go over the internet to seek the products they need, and it is also a source to sell products worldwide. People choose internet to sell and buy products. Speaking on online resources you can also obtain digital or downloadable product online, or let say you can sell digital products, which can be downloadable as a file. One network that sells or hosts online stores for merchants who sell digital products is Cerizmo- they help merchants sell digital products, which can be downloadable as a file including ebooks, videos, software, music, digital photos, and art. They also provide an online shopping cart, PayPal integration, and automatic download delivery to their customers. To access to their network and enable to use the service you need to pay the affordable monthly fee (no per sales or transaction fees). This is a helpful resource! You can go directly download digital products with secure servers. Why don’t you try their services and visit their website to learn more and get some information, and be a part of them! Check out “Cerizmo - Sell Downloads Online” for more details and enjoy surfing from their page.

How often you drop on Entrecard?

Do you think that Entrecard is really helping for traffic? I always drop cards in the network almost every day but my Page rank never increases, I drop cards as many as I can (LOL), but the problem is when you drop cards to every members or users the rest of them have no care to drop you back, no one’s replying you back by dropping your card as well, and it mostly happened to me and that loses me inspiration to drop bunch of cards anymore. I usually choose those active members and willing to cooperate to their fellow members. I am dropping members who are always online in the networks and usually dropping cards every day.

However, you can advertise at this network too, in order to get more visitors or droppers on your site but how could you develop this if you are not interested to drop back? If one member knew that you’ve never responded on their drops they don’t drop you again and will ignore you in the next time. On Entrecard cooperation is the best!

Westpac credit cards

I made a new PayPal Account and my friend is planning to open a PayPal account too, but PayPal needs credit card for verification to have an unlimited withdrawing and receiving of funds; this is our problem now because we don’t have credit card to use for verification, since we don’t have we need to find a great resource where we can get one. As far as I’ve known there are 3 major types of Credit cards; the platinum credit cards, gold credit cards, and MasterCard credit cards. Based on my research there are many credit card issuers- one of them are the Westpac credit cards, St George credit cards, Citibank credit cards, and NAB credit cards. If you are looking a credit card application check out Westpac credit cards and you can apply soon with annual fee of $30 and up to 55 days interest (free on purchases), and an interest rate of 17.99% p.a on purchase based on “Westpac 55 day” types of cards. However, you have many choices from their different options of cards such as “Westpac Altitude,” “Westpac Ignite,” “Westpac Low Rate,” and “Westpac No Annual fee.” It is open worldwide. They have a low rate interest rate that suits your needs and budgets. Also check out credit card application today!

What happened to one of the blog network?

What happened to smorty? It’s been a while that smorty is not working properly; they don’t have campaigns for about a month now, it’s very frustrating, I like that network because they are processing funds weekly. I wonder if the network is under renovations since I have seen that one of the funds displayed on the board from my account is still displayed as “pending earning” it supposedly removed when they already sent the payment.

You, have you got campaigns from them for the past one month? I am just wondering since they are usually giving campaigns mostly almost every week or every other week; in fact, they are always updated. But now, it seems their site is not working properly, how sad. Have you experienced the same? They must be one of the known and popular networks today, I hope they are still on work and soon their network will be fixed, and they can give better job to the bloggers. Hopefully things will be better when they can back.

The New Network

Have you ever heard the new blog network from IZEA network? It is called V4 Payperpost. Before, I thought it was untrue but they already posted it to the PPP bulletin. I joined to the network, and I think they automatically accepted my blog (LOL); it has been very easy, I think it was the easier registration I have ever had in IZEA network since they usually had many qualifications before they have to approve your blog on their market.

I have registered with that new network from IZEA a couple days ago, but unfortunately I have not got an offer yet (LOL); it has a different way of giving an offer, you don’t need to grab an OPP- you will just wait till you will be given a task (I think it’s tedious), so goodbye for poor rank and traffic? It’s a little similar to the other network, you don’t need to grab a task, and you just have to wait till you will be given an offer. What do you think for this new network? Is it cool?

Indonesian plane crashed

God I can’t believe this stunning news; One Indonesian plane crashed with at least 98 people were killed, associated with soldiers and their families. It is a Indonesian military transport plane, with carrying soldiers and their families into homes and erupted in flames caused by 98 people in death. It says there have been 15 injured; it is very tragic incident, condolence to their relatives and families, and the saddest thing is there are 10 children in the plane and all are died when plane crashed happened! it says that the plane smashed into the houses, rolling, and creates flames.

Twitter and Blogs

Do you twit, or do you love to twit? What is twitter? Twitter is a new social network today that enables users to follow fellow users and send and read other user’s update, everybody calls it “tweets.” To be a certified twitter you need to display your own profile page and deliver it to the other users. Or as an user who twit you can follow your favorite twitter users by subscribing her/him and that you can follow her/his updated page, and you called as followers; everyone who follow you is called “followers” hmm, interesting! Also, twitter is being used by majority to follow their favorite celebrities, or favorite people; it could also be use for businesses by following someone’s online business company for updates and great deals. Twitter is a free social networking.

However, is it true that twitter can increase traffic on your blog? If so, how it works? I want to build more traffic on my blog (LOL) if it is affirmative that would be great idea for all bloggers! Well, there is a possibility if you display your blog to your twitter page and if you have many followers then they can always update your blog. Great! Great!

Price Comparison site

Every women love sexy lingerie since it’s a great way to look good and sexy; I like to shop sexy lingerie over the internet (such as sexy underwear, bras, and other types of lingerie). Lingerie is also a perfect present to give to a woman; women always like to receive sexy lingerie from men. Over the internet you can search millions of best lingerie shops with the best price; you can save a whole load of money!

Well, want to find the best lingerie for your woman? Online shopping is the easier way to shop clothes like sexy lingerie and other products; you can look at price comparison site like Savebuckets shopping network. At Savebuckets you can find the best products that suit your budgets and needs, it allows you to browse some of the best products like the best lingerie shops. Check out this online shopping network and find the perfect underwear for your wife/lover. Savebuckets is indeed one of the price comparison site for lingerie. Sexy lingerie for women is always a great way to look good! So why don’t you visit this resource today and enjoy your online shopping, with best price and quality? Savebuckets has a huge selection of different products online just browse and type the products onto the search box.

Best time to blog

What is the best time to blog? Well, I have noticed that there is a certain time when you can get more tasks (opportunities or offers), when is that? Based on what I’ve experienced I will usually be able to grab more OPP during afternoon time based in western time, but other blogging networks behave in different times too; I am talking with the largest blogging network like PPP (PayPerpost) and SS (SocialSpark). I could able to grab some OPP (opportunities) in PPP mostly in afternoon time (western time), nights and mornings are very rare.

On the other hand, I have noticed that Socialspark is usually morning time (LOL) they are giving some OPP usually at morning time or at a very early in the morning; I always missed their OPP (LOL), and afternoon and night is very rare. So both networks have their own variation though they are just the same providers/company. Enjoy this blogging updates, ideas, and tips.

5.11 Tactical Pants Online

Looking a 5.11 Tactical Pant? LA Police gear has a huge selection of 5.11 Tactical Pants, with free shipping, free return shipping, free hat, and free knee pads if you buy any two pairs of their 5.11 pants. Most men like Outdoor Gear; buy your man an outdoor gear from LA Police Gear Products- they are serving to the general public, military personnel, security professionals, and police officers. And anyone who would like to buy from their products- they are very welcome since it is open to everyone! Check out their website and enjoy shopping from their affordable and quality products online, and experience the fast shipping and outstanding service. You would enjoy their Outdoor Gear Products! Check this out!

Does blogging works in different places?

Does blogging network really works in different places of the world? Well, the answer is yes, possibly, but it is not rock as in North America and Europe since blogging network only greatly works in North America or Europe. How does it happen? Well, the blogging world is based on the United States Location, so they are preferably looking bloggers from United States since most of their clients are within United States Location. And most clients are mainly western. But, people around the world could blog since it is open for everybody; however it is limited to the other countries since most clients prefer to United States Location.

Based on what I have known they have a qualification for locations; most locations they prefer to qualify are North America, Europe, and Australia. Furthermore, sometimes it clicks (but rare) on Africa, and selected locations in Asia (like Japan, Korea, Taiwan, and hongkong), and other possible places of the world (it depends what clients want). It seems they are just picking up the richer country in ASIA (LOL).

Internet, Phatband Speed

If your internet connection takes you forever to download files, music or videos, now here’s the fastest internet speed, the Ultra60 Mbps – it only takes you minutes! Charter Cable Communication is ready to roll out phat bandwidth Internet speed of Ultra60 Mbps. This service is now the fastest Internet speed in the St. Louis market and one of the fastest in the United States. Charter Cable Communication truly began rocking! From St. Louis, Ultra60 Mbps internet speed will begin to be introduced to other parts of U.S. throughout 2009. This will be great news to all Internet users who are looking a high-speed connection. According to Charter Cable Communication, this phat bandwidth Internet speed service is part of its strategy to provide the fastest Internet speed available when its customers desperately need a high-speed connection to multimedia sites. It’s cool; I really love this cable company!

The phat bandwidth Internet speed, Ultra60 Mbps, benefits customers to use the Internet in a variety of ways, such as gaming, movies, telecommuting with mega-files and much more at super high speeds. This Internet speed service from Charter Cable Communication truly is a different experience. It allows you to perform multiple tasks unlike ever before! Wow, this is the best internet speed I’ve ever heard!

Additionally, Ultra60 Mbps service is the first of the phat bandwidth speeds that Charter Cable Communication will be introducing, and one more thing—phat bandwidth takes broadband to the next level and creates super-fast tier service! In fact, hard-core Web gamers appreciate phat bandwidth’s ability to download patches in record time, enabling them to eliminate lag time in their gaming. Charter Cable Communication is really the best provider! Visit the Ultra60 Information Page for more information and follow Charter’s Twitter Feed to receive new updates.


Spring time blogging!

I have got a spring updates from one of the blogging networks, blogvertise; they sent me a greetings email saying that they are giving great offers to all blogger this spring since lots have been happening around from their office, many enhancement are made daily by their team to offer great service to both bloggers and advertisers. Well, this is good news; hopefully they will become better!

From their news and updates; it says they have plenty of orders to get fulfilled lately, so all bloggers must logging in at least weekly, or checking account daily much greater chance to grab “Bag Tasks.” I have noticed that they are giving bag tasks and it is up to you if you accept the task that they have given, the tasks are only available within 24 hours. So you better check your account everyday to be able to grab a task. Happy blogging to all bloggers!

Bank Rates

Looking banks with best bank rates? Check out "savings account ” and find the best bank that suite your needs from this resource. This resource will find you the best bank rates, and aside from that you can also look auto loans, insurance, CD rates, mortgages, and personal Finance from the page; this is the best resource if you are planning to open a bank account or savings account- it is easier for you to decide which bank has the best rate. Check out this page today to get more information.

Updates from blog network

Since advertisers want a better blogs and the blogging network want a sign of quality blog; consider this if you want to improve your blog ratings, some are the suggestions based on blog network qualification.

Ø use correct grammar and spelling
Ø Use a unique blog design, not a default template
Ø Original blog entries and pictures always enhance your blogs quality, avoid all ads/reviews
Ø Encourage your friends to regularly visit your blog
Ø Maintain Your Blog Regularly
Ø Exchange Links with Your Blog and Your Friends Blogs
Ø Get Your Blog Listed in Some Blog Directories
Ø Do not use expired domains

Those ways are the possible steps to make your blog successful in the blog network market; if you want to be successful in blogging world try to accomplish those steps. The lists are not only suggestions it is a pace for your success to a blogging world!

Blog Network Break

Have you been noticed that every blogging network usually poor of offers (opportunities, tasks) every weekend? If they give task it’s rare, it would be nice if they usually gave tasks during weekend since it’s a perfect chance for busy workers (for bloggers who are also working on the public during business days), but they are giving poor chance of opportunities in weekend; weekend would be a perfect time to blog since it’s considered a break days after business days of hard work.

But, blogging networks have also behaved of proper business times like other businesses do; weekend is considered as their break or no work, let say all staffs do not work during weekend so they also have break from business days in working at the network (LOL). However, I have thought before that these networks have no difference with call center (ha-ha) but later I understand that every system of the networks have been program and systemized; so it works in different issues and situations, except on the staff. The staff is only available during Monday thru Friday.

Expired task

I had been given a task by one of the blog networks called Blogvertise, and they are very cool to deal with; the staffs seem very supportive and understand the bloggers want. I had been given a task and since the site they gave to me is “under development” I was not able to write a review regarding the task; after one week the website was still not working – so it had been expired since they only give one week to all bloggers to complete and submit any task review.

I was so upset when my task had been expired, so I tried to contact the Blogvertise staff and ask regarding the task, if they can reassign the task to me since the task had been experiencing trouble; within five minutes they had replied me and given the task again! It was incredible, I love their cooperation. I wrote a review on the task and it has been approved within an hour. What a great deal!

Manny Pacquiao will run for President?

Have you heard this rumor that Manny Pacquiao (the World Boxer Champion) will run for president in the Philippines? (LOL), I have heard this rumor online, I don’t know how to elaborate my feelings, stunning rumor! You, would you support Manny Pacman if it is true? I think he earns more compare to President Salary (LOL); He has been earning millions in boxing, and takes note it is not pesos, he earned millions of dollars. Give me a break!

Manny is awesome guy but I’m not saying that he has no privilege to do what he wants to do, if he wants to be part in political world that is his decisions , we should respect that, but, it is controversial for thousands of Filipinos. People adore him as a boxer star. Why people in the Philippines are very interested in Politics when they become famous? Hmmm, of course every politician needs popularity otherwise no one will vote you! Well, if this rumor is true, good luck for Manny, and we hope this time he wins because it seems he is not giving up! We still love you Manny Pacquiao!

Citizen Watches for Father's Day Gift

What would be your gift to your father on father’s day? Well, I think the best gift to give to all fathers is a wonderful watch! What do you think? I think it is a perfect present to give. Men always like watches like women do. Watches are also perfect gifts to give to your loved ones on his/her graduation day; it’s always a meaningful gift to give to a loved one.

Speaking of watches, I found a great resource where to buy a quality watch, check out these “citizen watches” brand. I like the Citizen AK0052-07E Men’s strap; it has an adorable design, cheaper, and I like the color- it looks stunning, and plus, this item is free shipping! It would be a perfect gift for my father! Visit today and pick one for your father; this resource is a citizen’s authorized dealer so you can trust this network. Note: all their watchers are free shipping within United States for the next purchase, wow! What a great deal!

2009 the toughest year of OX

Do you consider 2009 the toughest year since in the millennium years come? I believe so, because this year we experience lots of troubles worldwide especially the world faces global crisis; many people losing jobs, many companies are closed, the jobless increases, the job opportunities decreases, many people loses home, poverty increases, and criminal numbers increases.

Year 2009 is indeed the worse year; we face so many problems, dealing with bad economy, and first time the United States faces big debts in the history! Since the 2009 year begins, quick changes have made; a change for worse! What Americans do now? How would they recover and back the United States on track? Is this considering a big challenge for America and to the Americans people? Well, let’s pray and see what would happen next! The crisis that America’s facing today is not only for Americans problems, it is a global crisis, and a worldwide problems!

Improve your SEO Rankings

I’m glad to hear that ROI Analytics Incorporation website has now backed since they were “under development” lately; I am anxious to tell something about this resource, I found it a very interesting and a great resource for development and implementation, and customizing applications, services, and tools dedicated to the business-to-business world. For short they are specializing products enhancements to business owners and fulfill the needs and wishes of their clients who use the web for their internet marketing.

To those who considered their online businesses (business website) as one of their important assets, you should visit ROI Analytics Inc. that ready to optimize your business operations so you can gain a long-term competitive advantage in the market. If you want your online marketing to success ROI will surely provide you great services such as to improve your search engine rankings, prospect to client conversion rates, and overall return on investment. Why don’t you check their website now to get more information?

What CPC means in SocialSpark

What is this CPC mean in SocialSpark? CPC stands for Cost per Click means you will get paid when someone clicks that ads or links on your blog. It is a great opportunity in SocialSpark, you don’t need to give so much effort on it unlike other opportunities; the most difficult opportunity is POSTING reviews (LOL)! You should grab this CPC opportunities if you can see that your blog is qualified; if the all square is green you can able to take the opportunity and copy and paste the code on your widget blog. Every visitor who clicks the ads or links that you have displayed on your widget you will be paid by SocialSpark based on the price given for that opportunity.

The CPC prices are usually cents but it is per day cost, if you have many links or ads posted then you can earn more than cents per day without spending so much effort on it! Displayed as long as you can; I preferred to display links rather than ads banner, link looks cleaner and neat. CPC is 1 click per person or 1 click per residence or IP address, and that is how I understood of this opportunity.

PPP 2009 new Rules

PPP stands for PayPerPost; it is one of the most well-known and popular blogging networks today in the world of blogging! This year 2009 they released new rules dedicated to all bloggers; bloggers must constantly update their blogs and always provide fresh contents, at least you must post new articles each week if you can’t do it every day. They want all bloggers to be always updated to their blogs and increase traffic; if your blogs are poor in traffic they are going to eliminate you from their network and you will not be able to submit a blog again. If that happens You should make another weblog (provide new domain URL) before you can join to their market place, then you will start all over again in building traffic; it’s time consuming !

I have heard from my fellow bloggers that they are currently eliminated by PPP, in the reason of being inattentive of updating their blogs. This network becomes stricter to their bloggers; well, there are thousands of bloggers worldwide that they can boast for. For bloggers always update your blog so you will not be the next eliminated by this network. Blogging is fun; you can learn and gain from it!

Self-publishing Authors

Are you currently an author of your own book? If so, I recommend Outskirts Press- a book marketing company where you can able to publish your own book to gain a rapid profit and sell books in just a short period of time and earn thousands of dollars! Selling books online is not a simple task; Outskirts Press understands that marketing is big part of an author’s success and so they are also offering promotional advice and marketing services.

I was amazed by this press release about Outskirts Press author, Gang Chen who earned six figures in six months, and he can be able to earn again another six figures in another six months, he earned over $100,000 in just six months! Is it not amazing? If you are progressive, entrepreneurial, and potential self-publishing author you should visit Outskirts Press and make a publication of your books and earn of what Author Gang Chen earns from Outskirts Press. Most self-publishing author at Outskirts Press earns over $100,000 in just six months; it is indeed the fastest self-publishing and book marketing company! Why don’t you publish your book here and start gaining a success? At Outskirts Press you can keep 100% of your rights and royalties, and you can set your own retail price, profit, and discount! Visit this site now to get more information.

Online college is rocking!

Online college resources are rocking today since it is more convenient, easier, and less expensive. At online school resource you can find a program to advancer your career; millions of people preferred to study online since some people can’t afford to take off from work to attend school. Online colleges help thousands of people gain new courses, trainings, and give career to an easier way of learning. There are some leading schools online that for sure could give you a nice future; you don’t need to quit from your job just to take school, online courses are available today and most people prefer to take it for more convenience, for saving effort and time, and expenses.

Why is it rocking today? In this economic crisis time people need to save every penny, unfortunately in the United States College courses are very expensive compare to the other nations so most people are not interested to get a degree, some already contented to their high school attainment, and that mostly preferred to study online to save more. Indeed, there are more lots of things do in online resources.

How to design your web blog?

If you look to have new design for your blog or weblog like changing the template design and customize it in the way that you feel more comfortable then you can do it. If you are using blogger network just go to your HTML page and you can place the CSS code or Html code that could make your current web design change into a new looks. On the other hand, you can get some free web design code over the internet like E-blogger or other web design code resources; you can get the code for free, download and save it to your computer disk. When you are done, you are now prepared to go to your HTML page of your weblog for changes; it’s fun, you can explore and gain knowledge for doing it!

First thing you will do is to log in to your weblog account like blogger account and go to your layout and then find “Edit HTML” page; from that page you will see some HTML code, all you have to do is download your new template design by just clicking the browse then follow the rest instructions, locate the weblog design code (new template code) that you have just save to your computer. Note: you don’t need to paste the code on the page, click the browse to make it easier.

Downloadable tattoos

Some people like have tattoos and perhaps you are one of them; they considered tattoos as an art that could also link to any part of the body, most people put it on their arm. Other people symbolize tattoos are sexy, brave and tough, but other people also consider it messes on the personality since they want to look same, neat and normal.

Speaking of tattoos, there are many different types of tattoos; like you can have the fairy tattoos, girly flower tattoos, religious tattoos, patriotic tattoos, tribal tattoos, and many more! It can be displayed anywhere (such as arm, leg, tummy, shoulder, back, and thigh) wherever you are comfortable. Speaking of that, tattoo flash offers a huge selection of tattoos with different designs, and you can download it and take it to the local tattoo parlor to be linked; they are the greatest tattoo gallery of cool tattoos, and the favorite place for downloadable tattoos and tattoo flash. Check out their website to obtain the highest quality tattoos designs; you can also browse thousands of original tattoos ideas and download it and take it to your local tattoo parlor. Visit this tattoo flash and pick your favorite tattoo designs.

Charice Pempengco at Mandalay Bay

Watch this Charice Pempengco Latest concert with David Foster and friends at Mandalay Bay; a dream comes true for Charice! She sings the second song “All by Myself” with crowd of people adore her great performance! She gave a nice high pitch tone on this song- nicer tone than Original (LOL), incredible tone at the end of the song Charice! You wake me up (ha-ha). Better watch this David Foster and friend’s latest concert video, and witness the greatest performance of Charice Pempengco- the 16 year old young Diva from the Philippines! I watch this video over and over again in YouTube. Furthermore, Charice is one of the Top Listed in YouTube in their most viewed videos evaluation, congratulations Charice!

About online contest

I just want to share my happiness to one of my friend who won a contest online; winning a thousand of dollars is a kind of blessing to her! Many reliable source networks online will gather contests to make their services, providers, or products to be known and popular online. If you knew any contests online you should grab that opportunity because you have never knew it is made for you and you are one of those lucky one- like my friend, she have never expected it! There is nothing wrong if you try! I was thinking that hopefully it was me (LOL).

However, we know that there are many fraudulent over the internet, but, if you are wise enough and smart you will know what fraud is or not, it depends on how you gathered it! Many are true and many also are false. Believes on the reliable source or networks that you have been tried, and gives less trust to those you are not familiar with. Like my friend- she is just very smart person. Enjoy reading this online resource updates!

Multiply, Recent Video Source

Have you heard about multiply site? I love this site; I have been watching different videos from this site. Every day I open this site to watch Filipino TV program, music videos, movies, and TV show! It seems this video site resource is reliable, safe, clean and trusted; I’ve enjoyed using this site, you can’t only watch videos but you can join for free and make you own page account and you could download your videos, music, links, and even your blog and photos. And you can even shop on this site, and you can meet some friends; you can also called it a social site since you can meet some friends and invite different people in different places by inviting members around the network.

However, you should be a member first before you can watch the video downloaded in the site and invite the users who downloaded the videos so you can be able to see it; the advantage point is, you can watch fresh and recent movies, TV program, and shows, and once the video user becomes your friend or listed on your friend list you can watch their videos anytime!

Discount Compressors

I can’t imagine how bad your day is when you are driving a car without a cold AC or air conditioning, or even drier during winter time. My hubby’s car currently has no air conditioning since it was recently broke; I feel uneasy and uncomfortable sitting inside. Nice to hear these best deals from, they have great offers of their products; lowest prices with warranty! Discount Compressor is the best source for auto ac compressor, condenser, drier, air conditioning compressor, and more. Auto Air conditioning compressor really is an important part of the car- to get it check out Discount Compressor that covered everything with compressors; it has a large selection, with great customer service that can help you out.

Murderer caught in Atlanta

This morning when I turned on the Television, I watched the news about of arresting the murderer who killed the Bar tender in the Bar in Grant Park, Atlanta. This is good news to all Georgian who lives in downtown Atlanta area especially in the Grant Park, Atlanta since it could give them relief somehow -this dangerous criminal person will be put in Jail for life! People in this area thought that perhaps this person has related to the crimes happening in their area like breaking the house, killing, and many troubles. According to the news there is a possibility that this criminal has companions and it can be still dangerous in downtown Atlanta area especially in Grant Park.

However, the people works in that bar where the incident was happened are very happy that this criminal was finally caught and that he will not be able to make another troubles or killing someone! People are so glad to hear this good news this morning. He needs to pay what he owes (life of someone) and that he will live in the very lonely place- the prison.

The computer radiation

To those who are always sitting and facing in-front of the computer everyday and all day long it’s advisable to take a successive break; expert says it is necessary to avoid too much capturing radiation from the computer, computer radiation possibly goes to your skin especially on your eyes, which is harmful to human’s health and it could cause eye defection and any possible disease.

I can relay with this- I have been sitting in-front of the computer everyday and all day long to write blogs, check emails, gaming, and etc, and since I don’t have filter glass on my computer screen it always makes me drowsy, tired, my eyes hurt, causing me headache, and sometimes it loses strength as well. It’s really weird; this computer radiation has no really good impact to human’s health. And precaution, it says that the strong radiation comes from the back of the computer and between sides, and the computer front screen is lesser, and so you must level or center your face right in-front of the computer screen, avoid facing it towards the sides of the computer.

Dish Network and DirecTv Comparison

If you are looking comparison between Dish Network and DirecTV check out that provides pros and cons for both networks; this is a good resource to those who are looking a better satellite provider. KaptainSatellite simply evaluates which provider is better (DirecTV or Dish Network), you can easily compare the two by just visiting the website and read the customer testimonies, and you can easily decide which is fit for you. The Both Providers have different offers, plans and prices, KaptainSatellite has that information, and they also look at the equipment receivers and the programming information. So why don’t you visit this resource and compare the both networks before you decide to use it? Additionally, DirecTV has a current deal check out this direct TV deals!

Google Key Measurements

Did you know what the key measurements from Google are? Today, I have learned about 3 key measurements from Google regarding of the visibility and popularity of your site. This information is very useful when you look forward to make your site known to the search engine (mainly Google); no doubt that Google is the most popular search engine.

To calculate the website’s visibility- Google has this three key measurements; the number of your Back Links, pages indexed, and the Google Page Rank. Back Links is the number of people that linked to you or visited your web, the more visitors’ link to you the more could find you and visit your web that could creates popularity in the search engine, and could build you a good performance of Google Page rank. The number of pages is also important- Google counts it; it is the pages (articles) you made to you website, pages is the most important part in building a website.

Home Again for shelter Animals

We have two German Dogs in home and we treat them nicely, kindly, and like our babies; we would love to donate something to a non-profit organization specifically created to help shelter animals. Home Again Web Site ( also supports this pet program; in fact, they support the American Humane Association’s Be Kind to Animals Week May 3-9 by donating a portion to every pet registered to the program during this time frame, and your donation will be gone to a fundraising Web site specifically created to help shelter animals . Home again encourages you to “be kind” to your companion animals this week and give them compassion and outfit them with proper identification that impossible to read and that is through the process of donation to the care of shelter animals.

Furthermore, website has a collection of highly popular retailer, and a part of purchases made through this website goes to animal shelters for food and medical care. Home Again is currently helping recover more than 500,000 lost pets – it’s the only comprehensive national pet-recovery service today, which goes beyond Microchipping (a permanent form of identification that impossible to read, giving pets safe and have a chance of being reunited again with their owners when lost). Register and donate now to!


Pres. Obama’s first 100 days

President Barack Obama’s first 100 days in presidency; the following are he went through.

Ø On his inauguration day he gave solemn speech for about 18 minutes and 33 seconds and there are millions of people witnessed during his inauguration. And he always ended these very familiar words “thank you, God Bless you, and God bless the Unites States of America.”
Ø For constitutional Do-Over – he performed the oath with Chief Justice John Roberts; Mr. chief justice mumbled the 35-word.
Ø On his first day in office- he’s making a statement, issued three presidential memorandums; a white house pay freeze, transparency commitment, and two executive orders regarding ethics and presidential records.
Ø For work; Obama’s administration had fair trouble filling cabinet and high-level aid positions; Pres. Obama’s lost his first and second nominees.
Ø The signature made of $787 billion stimulus package- a thorny legislative battle but he made his first victory in congress
Ø The war in Iraq- Mr. Obama signed the massive stimulus bill, and approved the increase of 17,000 more US troops in Afghanistan; if you remembered from the campaign he said he believed that U.S needed to focus less on the war in Iraq and more on the war in Afghanistan.
Ø Obama delivered his first speech during session of the congress; for about energy, health care, and educations as his first budget priority, and from 52 minutes speech he got 37 standing ovations. Bush before got 44 standing ovations for 2005 state of union.
Ø Public rally and anger against bailouts and CEO compensation.
Ø Obama’s Auto plan; he said this industry is, like no other, and emblem of the American spirit- a once and future symbol of America’s success.
Ø Mr. Obama appears on “the Tonight Show,” the first sitting president on the show; he was amazed of AIG’s bonus payments and defended treasury secretary timothy Geithner, and he promised the puppy would soon be in the white house.
Ø Mr. Obama had first international trip; he went to Europe and visited Queen Elizabeth in Britain, went to France, Germany , Czech republic, reach out to Muslims in turkey, and surprise the U.S. troops in Iraq.
Ø Mr. Obama announced to U.S troops that it’s time for Iraqis to take responsibility for their own country; he said by august 31, 2010 the US combat mission in Iraq will end.
Ø Mr. Obama had handshake with Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez at the summit of the America; Mr. Chavez gave him a book and later it becomes known on best seller list.

Champagne Bucket Comparison

Perhaps you want a new edition Champagne Bucket; has a huge selection of Champagne Buckets including silver Champagne Bucket, glass champagne buckets, cheap champagne buckets, and even Champagne ice Bucket, this resource includes the top selling UK Champagne Buckets, you can compare the Champagne Bucket prices on the net. This site is the easiest way to compare Champagne Bucket since they will link you to all sellers of Champagne Buckets in just one click; you can select the best price with the best quality over the net that fits to your budget and needs. These Champagne Buckets price comparison is a good resource for restaurants businesses or even in home uses; very affordable and you can select the best price and quality that is right for you since they have hundreds of Champagne Buckets over the net to you to compare. In fact, they are the UK’s number one site for Champagne Buckets; since there are hundreds of companies selling champagne buckets in the UK, they are helping you to narrow your search and choose the best retailers that offer the best prices. Through their wide selection of Champagne Buckets it is easier for you to choose the cheaper and the best one. Check out this resource today!

How to post accurate Article

How are you going to write your blog post accurately? When I was a newbie in Blogger site, I write my post directly to the blogger page but how being cautious you are regarding with word-spelling that you have written on your blog post you can’t avoid having even little mistakes with word spellings- I did not mean that you don’t know the spelling of the words literally but sometimes you accidentally entered it incorrectly in un-expected time.

For many months of writing blog post I realized those mistakes (spelling mistakes) not only for the reason that I entered it incorrectly but I don’t know some spelling of the words as well (LOL). And because of that, Microsoft word has been having a big role for me in writing blog post articles; it helps me a lot with regards of word-spelling and basic sentences as well. If you currently posting articles you should try to use Microsoft word first to build your blog post to check your spelling before transferring it to your blog. I downloaded my Microsoft office online for free, you can have it for free; there is a free trial that is good for 90 days free to use.

PinoyChannel a harmful site

I have been using for many months to watch Filipino live show, TV program, TV news, and etc. And I have noticed that it harmed my computer, I thought that site has lots of viruses downloaded that anytime could harm your computer when you continuously opening the page. When you start opening that page you will experience so much trouble of downloading the page, many pop-ups ads come out and that ads seem contained viruses that could harm and leave your computer crash, and freeze.

It says that site has been prohibited by Google network since it is not properly working well, not reliable and known with harmful contained; it contains some Trojans and spyware, indeed it is, I have been experiencing it since I have been watching their downloaded videos for months. It would be a useful source site for video updates if it were working properly, but seems you could not secure your computer if it is in the right track; it is risky site ever! I hope they could fix it soon so it would be reliable for Filipino overseas. I love the site but I feel dread by the time I open and use the page.

Online fragrances Resource

Looking for Discount Perfume? Check out Skin Fragrance that has a huge selection of perfumes for women and men- an online retailer of fragrance and beauty product. They have skincare products, makeup, hair care, and even Aromatherapy, and it seems their products are very affordable! In fact, if you order today you can save up to 80% off (retail price) and they are giving free shipping if the purchased items over $75; it's a good deal! Visit this 100% authentic fragrances resource today and experience their over 4500 fragrances online, you can choose your favorite perfume at a very low price! Check it out and enjoy to shop online from their affordable and discounted products.

The sense of Love

I believe that Love has its own power; love can sense and predicts. Love performs miracle every day and people just don’t recognize it, it’s powerful and can even control individual’s world. God said spread the love with one another and fill your heart with love and show it to the world. Selfishness is the opposite essence of love; love is always associated with kindness, respect, loyalty, care, thoughtfulness, generosity, faith, and obedience.

Could you imagine how peaceful the world we got if we immerge love to one another? The world could be a peaceful paradise since there will no greedy and selfish and everybody gives and shares blessings, PEACE might be always on us! It’s nice to think that there will be no troubles and wars against one another, envious and jealous to each other. World would be a real paradise! But, since we are here to tempt from evils we need to struggle and do what we think better for us; and through it we disregard the presence of selfishness and greediness! We are here not only to accept the temptation but to face and fight against it as part of world condemnation. Let’s give love to one another!

Performance social media

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Disapproved domain Blogs

My blogs were declined many times by BlogtoProfit network, I have been sending my two blogs for many months now but they keep declining it, later I realized that they don’t accept free hosting domain URL- it means you should have your own domain that you pay and not free. Since they had been declining my 2 blogs I decided not to submit my free domain blog anymore, otherwise I tried to submit my other pay blog and it seems they are going to accept it but a few correction to fix; I had a trouble with the wide disclosure Policy, they advised me to change the single line of my disclosure policy that state- “advertisements will be identified as paid advertisements” since it does not meet to their requirements, and they prefer their link ads not disclosed as paid, and that it needs to be removed or changed, it is confusing to me right now!

And now I need to wait after 2 months before I am going to resubmit my blog again. It would be a long time to wait! Weird!