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Paypal and Alert Pay!

What is the difference between PayPal and Alert pay? Which is better? There is no big difference between  the two of them, they both accept payment processing but PayPal is already known and older  network compared to Alert pay which is just new and recent, and their users base is less. PayPal has already more users as it is very reputed name and many people use them.

Alert pay doesn't have same merchant tools that PayPal has. Most users are confidence and satisfied in PayPal, they use PayPal in any services like EBay, blogging and etc. for sending and receiving money. Alert pay does not support many of the features which PayPal has, their service and security is less while PayPal is more reliable. But Alert pay has been improving nowadays.

How do you use the internet?

How's your internet connection? Have you ever had a high speed internet connection in home? I use my desktop computer everyday and  it seems the internet is already part of my everyday living. And I would say having a  fast internet connection is very important  to me, especially  on my online  business ( I am doing it for almost 2 years), I don't know what would be my life is without an internet, I think it would be very boring.  We have a high speed internet connection in home, and I am very happy that we have currently had it. How do you use the internet? What is your internet provider? Have you currently had a bad or slow connection and it took you forever to download music, videos, or social media? If so, then it's time to switch to a new internet provider and look for high speed internet providers , and if you live in rural or remote locations, it's not a big deal! Don't think that because you live out in the country  you should have to have a slow dial-up internet connection! You can have/get a high speed internet as what people do in the country area or big cities! Indeed, having a solid internet connection or high speed internet connection is fun and cool!

Who is the Blogger?

Who is the Blogger? Blogger is simply a publisher who writes blog on the website and publish it on the internet to be visible on the search engine. Blogger is one who is expressing their own opinion and ideas through the internet by writing articles; it may be about personal diary, personal experiences, or review posts and etc.

There is no rule in blogging or as a blogger you can write anything you want, either negative or positive opinion doesn't matter. But however if you are in a blog advertising network, there are many things to consider because here you will face some lists of rules to be followed, your post must grammatically correct, no offense words, no copyright, the words must be originally written from you and the post must relevant to the subject given by advertising network. If the post has been approved the blogger will earn an compensation from the sponsored. Being a blogger has ever been so fun aside from earning to it you can express your own opinions freely on the internet.

Houston Rodeo concert tickets!

Have you already bought a concert ticket for Houston Rodeo and Livestock Show? Do you love country, rock, hip hop or Latin music? Team One Tickets is featuring  concert from some of the biggest names in country, rock, hip hop and Latin music. I have a passion for singing ( singing is one of my favorite hobbies) and I would love to watch my  favorite singer performing live on the stage! Would you like to watch your favorite singer performing? At Houston Rodeo you can  watch your dream singer performing live on the stage in a reasonable price.  Team One Tickets ( is a reliable and known source of 2010 Houston concert tickets ( All your favorite famous singers or best singer performers are featured here). It's very exciting, isn't it? So get  your 2010 Houston Rodeo Tickets by visiting Houston Rodeo concert tickets, I would like to go, would you?  I would love to watch Selena Gomez and Jonas Brothers performing live. This is an exciting 2010 concert, get your ticker early today! Remember that the ticket price/value you are going to spend is not worthless if you see and watch your dream singer performing live. Go, go, reserve a ticket now!

What is Web hosting?

What is Web hosting? Web hosting is an internet hosting services that provides user to create a website for free to access the World Wide Web. Personal web site hosting is typically free, advertisement-sponsored, or cheap and it is only for single page hosting but business web site hosting often has a higher expense.

Free Web hosting means it is accessible via internet! Types of hosting are free web hosting service, shared web hosting service, reseller web hosting, virtual dedicated server, dedicated hosting service, managed hosting service, collocation web hosting service, clustered hosting, grid hosting and home server. Web hosting is part of a general internet access plan; it's either free or paid providers.

Real Estate Bailout, Act now!

Are you still suffering in the recession? Have you ever lost your job? Or are you behind on your mortgage payment? We know that there are hundreds or even thousands of people are losing jobs, homes or behind on their mortgages payment. Indeed, In this time of economic crisis many of us are suffering and struggling to live. But, in any problems there are always a solution. Perhaps you have not heard this Real Estate Bailout yet, have you? It is a 2010 Homebuyer tax credit where the people, individuals, or families have a chance to receive an $8,000 Tax Credit! If you are  a first-time homebuyer, or a person who has not owned in the last three years, then you can receive up to an $8,000 tax credit. You should act now by visiting Coldwell banker site (a registered trademark licensed to Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC) or the link above. The binding contract will be effective on April 30, 2010 to June 30 2010, so to all qualified homebuyers  grab this chance before it's too late  because  there may be no future extensions.  Get the money you deserve and use it for your living! Also, watch the video to get more information.

How to add more blogs in Entercard?

Confuse how to add your other blog URL in Entrecard? Well, I was also confused before but you can add your other blogs if you want. Sign in to your Entrecard account click the dashboard, on your dashboard you can see one of the menu bar “Linked blogs" besides on “Transactions” menu, click it! Below of the page you can see “Add a new blog to your group" click it once then start adding your blog by signing the form and after you sign it, click sign up to submit and then you are done. The blog that you have added will be linked to your current blog; you can switch between linked blog at anytime by just clicking the "switch" button at the top of the page.

Now, when you get the code of your blog that you have just added, on the same "linked blogs" page, you can see your new blog listed on the table, click the "Switch to" on the blog that you have just added or blog that you want to get code, and then it's turning into "active". From the menu bar click the "Get code" you will find it between Dashboard and Campaign then you are on the way to the widget code, select among of them, just copy the code then paste it on your layout blog.

What would be your Valentine's Day Gift?

Valentine's day is near, have you already picked  a present  to your loved one? What would be a best present to give to a loved one? Do you prefer to give flowers, chocolates, or a valentines note to your wife, husband, lover, fiancee, or close friends? Valentine's Day is an exciting moment to all couples - it is a time of sharing, loving, and expressing compassion, do you agree? For me the best gift to give to a loved one in valentine's Day is a kind of gift that loved one needs it, in short a thing that can be useful to him/her/them. And speaking of gifts maybe these  eyeglasses or sunglasses from zenni optical  are the best gifts to give to your loved ones on valentines Day. I really appreciate this store, they are selling products that are very affordable to everyone, they bring their products direct from their factories to you , there is no middlemen, no retail overhead or no advertising budget, that's why everything is cheap! You can check this Eric's review of Zenni Optical, I have already checked their website and read the article review, it's very interesting. Indeed I found a new great place to shop for eyeglasses!

Filipina, the best wife?

Filipina is a woman who lives and born in the country of Philippines, Why the western men want to marry a Filipina? Because there are lots of unique qualities of the Filipina women. Most western men want to marry a Filipina because they are the most loyal and faithful wife, Filipinas itself describe themselves as a superwoman when handling a family, they can be a wife and a mother, some western said, Filipina is the best on taking care of their husbands and children and the family is the most priority for them, they personally manage the home, laundry, house cleaning and cooking. And aside from that as a Filipina mother they are the first teachers on their own children, teaching their children on a good manner, right act and words, they show how to respect the older ages people and if a kid doesn't listened or being stubborn they do punishment to remind their kids mistakes and to avoid of doing it again, Filipina also teaches their kids to  afraid  with God by not doing or showing bad attitudes to their families and to the other people, and it leads the Filipino kids grow in a good moral value, Philippines is one of  the Christian countries in the world.
Filipina has a soft heart, but they are so emotional people - and the thing is this personality gives a comfort to others because they are the type of person that you can lean on and could sympathize you during in sad time, they never turn their back when you feel down. In Marriage life, they believe marriage is a sacred and it's a forever commitment, When it comes to love, Filipina is the most loving and sweet person, they always express it. Filipina has always had a low pride when it comes to love to their loved ones.

ClickandBux PTC, where are they?

Have you ever heard this ClickandBux affiliate network? Where are they now? They are gone! There are thousands of members who have been loyal to them? And what did they do? They were gone and escaped the responsibilities that they must provide to their members! They are such a kind of scammed! Always be careful of the scam affiliate network who is trying to take advantage.

Are they just having a site problem or maintenance? Well, I don’t think so, there is no even reminder note was left to notify their members that they were under in maintenance; they have just vanished like a wind. Who among of you there was being victimized on this affiliate scammer? Are you one of their victim members? You can post a comment here. Don't easily trust to any affiliate network like “earning by clicking ads " unless it is not proven and you are not so familiar with, you should read testimonials first or  asking to friend.

Car Hire Comparison Search Engine!

Are you currently experiencing a problem on transportation? Do you own a car or do you have a car? Are you planning to spend a vacation and need a reliable source for car renting or hiring? I think most people, or group of individuals, or family prefer to rent a car when they go out of town for camping, adventure, or vacation. If you are about to rent a car you should check out this  "compare car rental" so you could able to search car rentals near at your area and to compare the car rental prices and rates, and save more. It's a friendly car hire comparison search engine and guarantee the cheapest car rental rates on the market with no hidden costs! Try it!

Opportunities in PPPv4!

Opportunities in PPPv4!
Last week I got many opps from PPPv4, this network  has begun rocking today! I hope I could get more Opps this week (lol), sometimes PPPv4 has no Opps for one week straight but then after a week there are lots of Opps displayed in the market, so you can't guess when it really rocks (lol). However I am wondering what happen to the socialspark or SS, they have no Opps for about a month now, which is lately they  have given lots of opportunities in the market. Right now PPPv4 is the only blog network rocks today. The payperpost or it is now called inpostlinks has been reformed and it has a big changes. Many bloggers are not happy for this reformed and changed in Payperpost or inpostlinks, many are frustrated, in fact others are hoping that the network  will change and back as what it is before. Well hopefully it will (lol)! But I think it's impossible now because this network is being changed for links opp only. You don't need to post article or review but only attach the link to the older posts or you can write a new post if you want to.

My page rank goes up!

I have noticed that one of my blogs has got a higher rank (from page rank 1 it increases to page rank 2). I have received this good news on January 1 2010, I am so glad that Google recognizes the efforts that I put to my pay domain name blog. One thing that makes me happier is - it's a pay domain name and it's very advantage if you have got a good page rank on that, PR2 is already considered a blessing especially to the bloggers who are managing blogs and wanting to increase their traffic to grow their blogging business. However, I have got a problem lately, the registrar where I made or buy my domain name disables my domain name because it's expiring. One thing I did not like is - I have still 2 weeks before it expires and they have been disabled it for me so I can't able to use till I would not renew it. I have got a problem on the Paypal right now so I can't able to do the task. My balance is zero I can't purchase to them. I don't understand why they make my domain name disable and I have still 2 weeks before it expires, it's kind of weird and unfair for me.  I hope godaddy will consider it and must wait till it's expired before they disable. It's kinda weird!