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Bye-bye for a while!

Have a happy flight and trip for me for tomorrow! I will be flying tomorrow going to another state to see and live with my friend for a while, it would be a challenging and interesting experience for me; I would love to see and experience a great long vacation to another place in the US, it would be fun and interesting!

I would experience to fly again for about an hour; I prefer to fly than to ride a bus since I am afraid to ride a bus (LOL). Although Bus is much cheaper but you need to ride for couple of days I guess before you can reach your destination but it depends on the distance. I am so excited on this trip, hopefully I would have a nice, peace, great, and safe trip because this is my first time domestic trip since I have lived in US. This would be an exciting experience for me! Yoo-hoo!!!!!!

Are you Job Ready?

Today many people are losing jobs, and because of the bad economy the unemployment rate in United states has been worsened and increased; this is very sad to all American people and not only to the Americans but all over the world!

Do you still have a job? Or did you lose your job? Apparently, many companies have been closed and many people are jobless today, do you think it’s still easy to find a great job today? Well, I don’t think so, if you think you desperately need help to increase your skills, would be a perfect place for you – it is the smartest place on the Web when we talk about jobs or job skills. They are offering the skills you need to become a “job ready,” and at this resource you can find courses that could definitely help you! So you better check out this “job skills.” is helping people increase their confidence and skills in seeking jobs, and in this time of economic crisis it really helps everyone, and it gives hope to the people who desperately need jobs nowadays! So why don’t you visit today and learn their services that are dedicated to the job seekers?

Formatting a blogger template

How to make your blog format on
>First log in to your blogger account then click the dashboard at the top on the right side of your screen ,from the page choose layout and click edit HTML file displayed on the top, using your keyboard use Ctrl-F and find(type) "#main-wrapper{" under that you will see something like
You can change number to whatever number you want( the bigger number, the bigger space). But for more secure, you should download your template for back up just in case you screw up.
Furthermore, this is very minimal configuration, you will need to adjust the container if you would like to extent it, but if you will do adjustments make sure that the width will fit into your computer screen otherwise you will be having unreliable different dimension on your computer screen.
Now back to edit HTML page, you have an option to download a copy of your template to a text file on your hard drive. Do this if you are interested in customizations to your design, so that you can easily change or edit your template if you don't like that way it comes out and you can upload your same file again.
Now about your actual code on your template, you will see a regular HTML and CSS with lots of custom tags also that can make it compatible with drag-and-drop layout editor as well as the font and color picker. If you would like to have changes on your code, Read this first:

On the option "Expand Widget templates" By default, every page element is shown in the code as a single line plane placeholder, whose option can be set in the graphical interface on the page element. The code is simply at first but you could have more control on the second way, so be wise in which option you prefer to do.
At the bottom, you can see three buttons there it is for Clear Edits, Preview and Save Template that you can use what do you want to work for it. On the the hand, there are two links referring to your classic template, if you are changing your blog from old style of the Blogger Templates to the new layouts version, then your classic template whatever it is, is the last template you used in the old system, with your customizations. If the blog was created on the new system and has always used layout, so then your classic template is a default, classic version of the original design you chose when you created the blog, without customizations. Anyway there is different kind way in working your link , it has called View link, it will show you the code if you want to check or copy a part of it for your new design and the second is Revert link, it will erase all the customizations you have made in the layouts feature and set your blog to use the old style Blogger template again, In this Case you can't use the graphical Layouts interface in this mode, but you can convert it back to layout by then later.

Investor Leads

How many Blogs/websites do you have? Are you an active blogger? I am an active blogger and I have three blogs/sites that I have managed and used for blogging, and it really helps me a lot! But, it would be more profitable if you manage it well and make it visible on the net; focusing on increasing traffic or building many visitors and readers could really help, but you can only get this if you rely on mailing lead lists or telemarketing lead lists. In this way you can make your sites visible and known to the search engines, and when your sites have already known to the net it is easier to you to earn huge profit or make you more money!

Aside from blogging what else do you do online to earn money? Did you consider your website as one of your important assets? Well, as long as you have a business website there’s only one thing you need to do- make it visible and known to the internet and to do that you need to ask help to a network that specializes in providing a wide range of lead-based lists, and speaking of that, Investor Leads could help you! Check this out!

A native speaker got to help me!

I’m glad that one of a native speaker (my friend) got to help me in posting; this is good news for me so far, but hopefully I could still give more time on it (blogging), I enjoyed blogging so much! it would have been more exciting since there’s someone who is willing to help me to proofread the grammatical errors of my reviews, and it would have been easier for me then… But sad to say I don’t know how much time I could give on this kind of job since I will be having a new job- maybe during in my spare time like during a night time or on my vacancy. Writing articles/reviews truly is helping me to improve my English grammar, and it is helping everyone to become a completely fluent on English indeed.

I am so thankful to this person who is willing to give his passion of helping me, and so on the future it would be helping me then and it would be easier for me, especially if I have a busy time. If that happen I will not spend many hours editng some articles because I got a help! Awesome!

Patek Philippe watches online

Looking for quality Watches online? I always love Watches and now I found a great and cool brand called Patek Philippe; perhaps you have heard this before it’s coolest Watches! If you are looking Watches for a gift Patek Philippe Watches are the best choice and the best brand, with quality and reliability and you can use it for a long term; it is incredible Watches I’ve ever seen, it’s perfect gifts to give to loved ones and friends. Finest Watches ( is always the best store online for buying Patek Philippe watches. So why don’t you check this out for more information and so you can see their amazing watches?

Hate to say Goodbye Blogging!

I don’t want to say goodbye blogging, but perhaps I will be becoming inactive to it since I need to leave and fly for a new job I will do. I am not saying that I am going to leave this job but maybe I would just be inactive for this job for a while, but hopefully I could give time for it, especially on my spare time. I’m so much enjoying in this kind of job posting and writing (I Love my Blogs), very challengeable, but that is you need to spend more time for it, but since I will be having a new job I could not able to entertain it perhaps. I love to blog, but hopefully I could still work on it for sometimes.

I am excited to face a new challenge in life; in this way you will become stronger and build more strength, I will trust my fate to God because I know he is always there and there’s also someone that will always give me a strength to face the challenge, if you miss someone, the feeling will wipe because you have a determination to fulfill for the future, and you know that it is needed and it has a good impact in the future, and there is a possibility that you will be living happier because you are helping each other.

The wonder of cheap netbooks

I have dreamed to have a laptop computer since it’s easier to carry and more comfortable, you can bring it anywhere unlike desktop computer. Laptop computer technology is continuously rocking and improving; we could see changes almost every year, and it becomes a favorite technology to the people (from ordinary people to businessmen/women). There is something called netbooks today- a small lightweight netbooks that is easier to use in the internet and online business as well, and etc. These netbooks are very affordable and you can bring it in the business, or in any vacation, or anywhere since it’s a lightweight laptop computer technology, very awesome and interesting!

I’m glad to know this resource, you can buy a laptop at a very low price, and look at this Acer aspire one netbook - you can buy as low as £166.46, what a good deal! If you compare the price to the other stores it could cost you £249.98, wow, can you believe that? This resource really has a good deal! So you better check this latest laptop computer technology that offers internet access on the move using small lightweight netbooks. I am planning to save money to buy this Acer aspire one netbook- I love it, it’s awesome and very affordable, what an amazing price. Aside from being affordable, it looks fantastic (I love the design). So you better check out this resource if you are looking a latest laptop computer; this resource would be a perfect place for you! Visit this today for price comparison and so you can get a good deal, and save more money! Every penny is very important today especially in this time of economic crisis. Why don’t we shop online and save more money? Saving is in your hands; plan well and spend money wisely, that is the best thing to do!

How do you secure yourself?

Today crimes in town is the most controversial problem in the public; it's been happening today since we have struggled from the recession and world economic crisis, it's not been stopped nor minimized. We are dealing these problems until today. On the recent research New Orleans is the number one and the top most dangerous state in America, where most crimes are happened and occurred, and the place where has had most crimes in record. And the second most dangerous state next to New Orleans is the state of Georgia- for 10 years it is the first time in the history that Georgia State is on the second place of most dangerous state in United States (before it had only been on the top 10 in the list). And now the state of Georgia needs more 800 cops to protect the town. To ensure ourselves or to protect ourselves and our properties it is very important that we should obtain HVG insurance - an only place where we can get all your insurance needs covered! From health insurance, life insurance, car insurance, home insurance, and much more!

Crimes have truly been worsened; it’s depressing and terrifying moment to all American people, what  would we suppose to do now? Well, all we have to do now is be attentive, careful, and secure ourselves whatever happen.

Amy Africa's New QLOG

I have found an interesting web site that could be helpful to you; it provides 99% queries and quintessential and 1% quibbling. This is what I like (aside from joining forum web sites)—a resource that offers benefits by giving tips, guidance or advice that is useful to everyone. I love joining forums, too, because you can ask different kinds of questions that are related to lifestyle, living and trends. But I have heard of, which sounds different and unique. It’s called a QLOG where people can ask questions, search and even can add comments and have an online conversation. This new QLOG website is dedicated to all readers, and it’s free to join. I have scrolled and visited on their page and it’s great because you can share things that are related to your personal experience, stories, lifestyle and such things. Why don’t you join and submit your questions? Ask a question and it will be answered by the QLOG itself, or Amy and the audience will give you the answers. Furthermore, you can ask questions that are related to SEO, online marketing, usability and conversion. So if you do blogging today, it would be a perfect place for you. It’s an interesting resource, indeed. Check out today!


Are you getting enough tasks?

Are you getting enough opportunities? I reserved many opportunities a couple weeks ago, but these recent days I got nothing (LOL), its rare this past few days; I will feel great if I receive or reserve more opportunities a day. But how I wish I could have a higher page rank and so I can get OPP more than I get per day. If you have a higher rank the more chances you will get offers, and more opportunities will be available to you. It’s tiresome to wait every day and you can only have few tasks and with small amount (weird).

Did you ask why until now your blog rank has not been increasing yet? Well, it’s confusing, either me I got confuse about the Google’s rule; I have got lots of Google index pages but now it’s not been increasing (even after three months or more). Weird! I am tired posting and no changes yet happening, so sad. What is your idea about this? Have you experienced the same? Did your blog rank have a higher rank? How did you do that? Please share…


Do you love watches? I love Watches, and it is always a perfect gift to give to loved ones or friends. In order To save time, money, and effort you can get great deals of watches over the internet. One of the best watches brands is the Rolex; you can obtain women’s and men’s watches online with a great value of money. One resource that I could recommend is the; they are offering affordable Rolex watches online, with 3 years warranty and free FedEx shipping! Wow, what a great deal! And aside from that their Rolex watches are 100% genuine certified and authentic, so you can trust this network.

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The Blogging Status this Year

This week my blogging business is too slow (LOL); well, obviously blogging is begun slower this year, we’ve heard that the blogging before was rocking but due to the economic crisis it became slower today. Before it helped millions of people because most bloggers had gotten many opportunities with big amount; if it had happened today it would have been more challenging and encouraging to all bloggers, but unfortunately we have no fate this year (LOL).

So we better find a real job now (LOL); but we can still do blog during spare time, you will earn somehow though it’s not much but at least you get extra earning for your bills and etc (LOL). Apparently in a blogging world you need to spend much time in order to get many offers, so if you have a job you can hardly focus on it, and can’t able to get Opportunities. That is why it is perfect to those who are in home; like me (LOL).

Online Herbal Store

Online (internet) is really a major source of everything! Here you can able to find products in a quicker and easier way like if you are looking stores to purchase something you can get it in just clicks away. Speaking of stores online; there is an herbal store for men and women, with over 100 products online and you can choose all natural products, so if you are one of those who are obsessed in herbal products this is the right place for you. You don’t need to go to a local store; you can have it and obtain it online, it would be easier, more convenient, and quicker for you. So if you need Herbal products check out “My Herbal Store” and enjoy shopping online!

The America’s future

What would be the America’s future in the next generations? I’m sure we are all thinking about that right now, we have lots of problems due to the economic crisis and the government has been facing so much trouble with debts, and no one knows how these things going to be settled; this is a frustrating moment to all of us, it is sad to say that we are aware and conscious of these troubles happening right now and we know that it has no good impact in the future, and in the next generations.

What would you do to secure yourself and your loved ones especially your children and grand children? Do you have something to do about it? Well, you can do nothing about it (LOL). The ordinary people like you have no choice but to accept it and witness the circumstances happening in this generation. All you have to do is to pray that we will be guided; especially the leaders who have made the every possible thing to make our world better. Let’s all pray that we can survive and everything gets better!

Austin plumber resource

Are you planning a new home or remodeling project? If so, you need a good Austin plumber that primarily works on plumbing and electrical, gas, water, drains, and more- in this way you can ensure to get quality and consistent services that meet your needs and budgets. If you are a homeowner who needs a plumber service that provides a high customer service, consistent, quality and excellent work then Austin Plumber is the right place for you. Check out this online resource for plumbing and experience their competitive rates, clean work, consistency of quality, and guaranteed work. They are ready to help you and provide best services you need! Check this out if you need their services today!

I want to be happy!

I want to be happy! What about you, do you want to be happy? Of course, we want to be happy, living in the world without happiness but sadness is useless, what would make you happy? First, living with loved ones could make you happy, second, living with friends and being socialize could cheer us (we have a saying, “No man is an Island), third, getting what we want could make us happy too, and living with peace society could also help us to feel the happiness.

Living with passion and love could also make people to be contented and happy; with love nothing is impossible, it could change everything! If we talk about relationship between of woman and man; one thing needs to be minimized is a “PRIDE” in order to have a happier relationship both couple needs to give up the pride because it’s better to give up the pride than to give up a loved one because of that pride. In this way you can find happiness in life! Let’s try to be humble, and to be happy! Life is so short.

Calling plan for Iraq and Jodan

Are you living in Iraq, or have a loved one currently living in Iraq and Jordan? Well, there is so called YupeePhone - a calling plan (new plan landlines) for Iraq and Jordan, and it has a special package with 2000 minutes for a low monthly fee of $24.95 (Jordan usual rates are above 3 cents/minute and above 5 cents/minute for Iraq). This is amazing offer from! They also offer a “Pay As You Go Plan” and it has no monthly fee and 120 free minutes to specific destinations; you can start with the plan for as low as $2! Their service is available worldwide (offering the best value in VOIP equipment and the lowest international rates possible). Why don’t you try their services today? They don’t require a contract, and they don’t charge maintenance, connection, disconnection, or any other fees-it’s totally free! Plus, calling between their users is free (even international call), wow check this out!

SocialSpark Affiliate

What is this SocialSpark Affiliate all about? If you are a new member on this network perhaps you get confuse on this affiliate opportunities. On the marketplace board you will see this abbreviations “AFF” and the “POST” for review. There is a big different of the two, “AFF” is for affiliate and “POST” is for post reviews.

Let’s talk about this “AFF” or affiliate opportunity; this opportunity is unlike those “POST” opportunities because at this time you don’t need to write an article for review but you only paste widgets on the sidebar of your blog, it’s either picture ads or text ads, and if readers response or let say they will buy, or signup on the ads you posted on your blog you will get a conversion it depends on the opportunity amount they are given. You can stay the widget on your blog as long it is countable; anyway, they are going to send you a message if it is no longer work, or you will know it if you try to open the widget and the page could not be displayed anymore, in that circumstance you can now remove the widget that has displayed on your blog.

ilASIK Procedure

If you suffer from nearsighted or farsighted vision, something called the iLASIK procedure will give you a chance to have better vision without glasses or contact lenses. It takes less than 10 minutes per eye and is the safest optical procedure. iLASIK is guaranteed to be safe, is not complicated and is virtually painless to the patient. It is a very smart idea to have this procedure done. In fact, a 25 year old who uses extended-wear contacts will spend upwards of $20,000! Can you believe that? Choosing the modern LASIK procedure can save you money in the long run.

They have a well-known system that has been used for years and experienced doctors who have been performing it for a decade. About 98% of nearsighted patients participating in the advanced CustomerVue FDA clinical trials could see 20/20 or better after having the procedure done. Check out the iLASIK procedure today!

Millions of people who have undergone the iLASIK procedure and nearly all of them experienced better vision—20/20 or more afterwards. To highlight this, the iLASIK procedure combines Wavefront mapping technology with two lasers for a safe and completely tailor-made procedure. It is offering you a tax-deductible way to pay for better vision, and this is covered by most health savings accounts. This is your chance if you are seeking a better life with clear vision.


Internet wipes boredom

Internet really helps billions of people to cure the boredom; when I feel bored I always go to internet, do surfing, playing, and do some stuff that could wipe my boredom. Sometimes watching TV could not help me especially now we can only hear and watch some bad news and no good news and improvement yet in our economy, plus we can hear bunch of crimes from desperate people who are doing craziest things to sustain their selves in easier way, but they don’t know that it is just bringing them into a real hell of life! Have you always felt bored in home? Well, I do (LOL). Thanks for the internet it helps me to control my boredom and it makes me feel good somehow, surfing, searching, and reading different online resources really helps me a lot.

Furthermore, through internet I can blog and gain something; it usually helps my mind to keep busier, wipes boredom and I can’t even think bitterness at all when I started to do these things! Internet source is really the best to entertain people around the world, plus you can easily and conveniently communicate loved ones across the country, which also makes you feel better indeed.

Award-Winning Celebrity Audio Bible

Do you love reading the Bible? The Bible, which is the holy book of the Christian faith, is one of my favorite books. By reading it, you can be calm and understand certain things that are related to life, morals and values. My father is obsessed with the Bible; he reads it a lot, almost every day, and he encourages us to read it too. The contents of the Bible are very interesting if you just spend a little time to read it. Speaking of that, now you can do more than just read the Bible—you can actually hear it! has put out the award-winning Celebrity Audio Bible, with a free download of Nick Cannon. To access it, you should provide the exclusive download code “GEN3SPRK.” You will find it very interesting and inspiring. Different aspects of the products are presented by a stellar ensemble of almost 400 of today’s award-winning actors, musicians, clergy, directors and producers. It includes the original musical underscore by the Prague Symphony Orchestra and a Hollywood-style sound design created at Technicolor studios. Check out the page and get a free download of Nick Cannon! This is your chance to get and download it for free, so perhaps it could be a fascinating Bible experience for you. Hearing is believing! Check out The Bible Experience web site today!


Google Earth

Have you heard of Google earth? I love this geographic map; you can view older imagery of the earth and you can explore the past and the present time locations. You can search a certain location in different places of the world; I have used it to locate the location of my friend using their address so I can watch their place on the map; including the view, spot, street, and you can even view houses! You can watch bunch of sightseeing in this map software, incredible! Have you ever tried it?

It is very different on an ordinary map locator. When I used it, it brought me to the evident location, you can see the location evidently and you can easily locate the location using addressees. I always made a tour on this Incredible Google earth. I enjoy it a lot you can make a tour to a different places on earth, (or make a tour on your local area) or take a tour to known wonder places on earth! It’s perfect! See the mountains, the sea, great views, and even houses!

Blogging Discouragement

I almost felt the discouragement- seems like I lost the inspiration to blog (LOL); I usually do writing blog, reviews, and facing on the computer everyday (all day long), indeed, it is so tiresome! Have you ever felt tired on blogging? Well, well, I do. But on the next I got inspired again (LOL) since I have no choice - I’m staying in home all day long! I’m just tired dealing with the proper/correct grammar; very difficult, at first it’s challenging to me but later I feel tired of it (LOL), especially when you get resubmission post, you need to re-correct it again!

I also feel desperate because until now my English has never become fluent (LOL) for months of blogging I’ve never become fluent (ha-ha), though I tried the best that I can. The thing is, I always get resubmission post (LOL) and every time I get one I feel frustrated; it’s exhausted sometimes because you’re trying so hard and it’s not enough. Now, I think it’s time to ask help to those who are experts (LOL)! Do you blog? How is it for you? Is it tiresome, challenging, fun, or just waste of time?

Local Roofing Resource

Perhaps it is a time to replace your old roof or renovate your broken roof… well; it’s not a problem if you live in New Jersey, New York, Michigan, Virginia, or Pennsylvania you have a great resource regarding on roofing contractors. I found a great resource today where you can get a quality roofing contractor in those certain locations. Why don’t you keep your roof in top working order to avoid problems like spreading mold, drywall damage, and leaks and rotting? I feel great that I’ve found these roofing contractors in Michigan; it could help us in the future, plus they have free estimates too, so you can easily find a great deal on any type of project that could fit your budgets and needs.