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My favorite talk show of all time

My favorite show on air has got to be the Maury Show. If you haven't seen at least one episode of this show, you have been hiding under a rock! I watch this show everyday and if I'm not home, I DVR it!

I love watching this show on ever since getting these satellite TV specials. The topics are not the most family friendly but provide loads of entertainment. I love the paternity test shows the best. These girls come on the show and bring along a string of guys to get them all tested to see who fathered her child! Or she'll claim she knows for certain that a particular guy is the father of her baby and when the paternity test comes in, she finds out that he didn't father her child. The girls get so embarrassed, they run right off of the stage! I must say that Maury is very professional in delivering the news. He doesn't give anything away in his face and he keeps a straight face the whole time. The whole thing is very funny.

I said before that it's not the most educational show on tv but it is a full hour of entertainment and guessing. I cannot even think about not watching this show. The laughs alone are what makes this my favorite talk show of all time.

How to Protect Your Email from Spam

How to Protect Your Email from Spam

We hate spam! Yahoo has spam-fighting features you can get with Yahoo! Mail plus, one of this is called “AddressGuard” you can protect your personal email address from spam by creating and managing disposable email address to protect your primary address against spam. I will show you the steps, through this way you can hide your real personal email address for security purposes. You can do the following steps:

1. First Log in to your yahoo account, from the top of the page at the right side click the “options”, then it will bring you to the Mail Options Page.
2. Under the Mail Options Page click the “AddressGuard” below the Spam protection.
3. Under the “AddressGuard” page click “add” button found bellow the “Disposable Email Addresses” now you can create your based name that easy to remember or your new disposable email address name. You can still receive messages at your own personal email address even you are using your disposable email address to everyone; the thing is the senders will never ever know your real personal email address.

Are you bored?

Are you bored? If so, then you need to have a vacation (lol), I am bored and I desperately need a vacation and  It would be great (lol)! Don't you thinks so? It would be perfect for adventure!

Anyway, What  do you  usually do when you get bored? How often you get bored, and what did you do to vanish it? Are you a type of person who often feels boredom? If so, how did you control that feeling? By going out with friends and have some fun? Or are you Gambling ? Playing games online is fun. I believe that people in America are the busiest human being in the world and that they usually feel boredom, so computer is the perfect pastime for them.

Changing Primary Email in Friendster

Changing Primary Email in Friendster:

If you want to change your email address in friendster and need a new primary email address for log in id and email invitation, you can do the following basic steps:

1. Log in to your friendster account, and from the right top of the page select “settings” between the “Messages” and “Help”, just click it.
2. Then when you are at your account settings page, click the “change Email Address” under the Personal Information.
3. Then from the Change Primary Email Address page. You can see a “New primary email address” just type the new email address that you want to use and to replace from your old primary email address. Then you will be prompted to Re-enter your new primary email address again. Then enter your current password.
4. Lastly, click the “save” button at the top. Then you are done!

Looking to win cash online?

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Webhosting Is Free

Webhosting Is Free
If you are a beginner, first thing you need to do is to create your own Blog, think what topic you would like to post and build, I recommend some of this free webhosting site; is a free blog publishing tool from Google for easily sharing your thoughts with the world. - is a community where you can start your own free blog, share your photos and any videos, and meet new friends too! - A personal blogging service where people share thoughts, photos, videos with people, friends and family.

You can select with those options to start your own weblog, sign up and registered, and then after your account activated you can start now to create or build your post. Blogging is the act of keeping an online journal, so you must be creative and think relevant post, with your own ideas, opinion and knowledge. This is so fun!

Find your online blackjack

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How Does a Fiancé (e) Visa Work?

 How Does a Fiancé (e) Visa Work? If you are an American citizen and you want your foreign fiancé (e) to travel to the United States to marry you and live in the U.S., you must file Petition for Alien Fiancé in the United States.

You must file the Petition for Alien Fiancé (e), with the Department of Homeland Security's U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) office that serves the area where you live. You need a form I-129F. After the USCIS approves the petition, it sends the petition to National Visa Center for processing, prior to sending it to the embassy or consulate where your fiancée will apply for K-1 nonimmigrant visa for a fiancée.

PLay and WIn

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How to change Friendster password

How to change Friendster password

If you are a beginner and confused how to change your friendster old password into a new one, just do the following steps, these are the simple basic steps:

1. First Log in to your own friendster account, at the top of the page from the right side you can see “settings” after the “messages” click the settings then.
2. Now you can see “Change Password” under the Personal Information from Account settings page. Click it.
3. From “Old Password”- type your current password that you are using now. Next is your “New Password”- type the new password that you want to replace from your old password. And the last one is you will be asked to confirm the new password that you entered, retype it again.
4. Lastly, hit the save button, and you are done! Good job. To test it, try to log in to your friendster account using your new password.