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Blog advertising

Do you blog? How many blogs do you have? Have you submitted your blog to yahoo directory? Well, if you have blogs and your intention is to make money for online business or to blog ( like writing articles) or entering to a blog advertising then you should submit your blogs to any directory like yahoo to make it known. I do blogging and it's fun! There are some legit advertising network that you can join; you can easily earn money online if you are willing to work for it. It is totally free, all you have to do is give time and effort for it (like updating the blog by writing articles); you can register for free, you can start without spending any dime, is it not cool? You will get paid by just posting a review/buzz with your own ideas.

If you haven't had blog yet; first thing you will do is create a blog/website and write some articles that related to your blog category, second submit your blog link to web directories like yahoo, Google, etc. if everything is done you can now submit your blog/website to any advertising network. This is what most people do; making blog, writing articles, and make money fast! It's not bad you can make money in your spare time.

Computer files cleanup

Have you often cleaned up your computer files? If you wish to clean up your computer especially after reformatting or after rebooting to wipe or remove the old windows files from your computer that causes problem, just do the following steps but before that be sure to do a back up to those important files that you don’t want to remove, you can use any hard drive to save the files. You can do these steps:

First click the “START” button located at the bottom of your desktop screen, then from the small search rectangle bellow “ALL PROGRAMS” just type the word CLEANUP and then enter. Second, under the cleanup options, click “FILES FROM ALL USERS ON THIS COMPUTER” and continue, then select your drive options. Third, from drive selections, choose the drive you want to clean up, for instance you are using drive (C :) then hit OK and wait for loading. Lastly, when you are on the drive you selected, simply check the box for old windows files or other files you want to clean up and click “OK” and you will be prompted to delete the files click it then and you are done.

How to fix yahoo messenger in Linux pilgin?

How to fix yahoo messenger issue in linux pilgin? I got a problem about using yahoo messenger in pilgin, I cant' log in to my account , it won't let me -it's totally disconnected, so what I did I searched in Google hoping that I could find a solution for it and thanks God I made it. I need to update my yahoo server in pilgin, like for instance from"" server change it to "" and it works! I can able to use the yahoo messenger now. If you have the same problem you don't need to upgrade your linux OS just to fix this problem just simply update or change the server. To do this go to "Accounts" then select the edit accounts and click the "advance" instead of "basic", and you may now change the server name ( the one I mentioned above)And this would fix the problem, guaranteed! I fixed mine, I am using ubuntu 2.2.8 still and I did not change or upgrade it before I solved the problem. Try this steps and you will solve the problem.

web site hosting

Looking for a web hosting service? If so, Web Hosting Geeks ( is the right one for you, this resource includes the top 10 web hosting providers. Some people consider their website as one of their important assets, this web site hosting review is a big help since it is helping you to get the best web hosting provider, you can find cheap professional web hosting services here. This web hosting review is great; their host rating system is apparently based on the customer satisfaction, so you can easily find the best web hosting providers here.

At Web Hosting Geeks ( you can get cheap as $1.99, $3.67 or less than $10 web hosting provider. This site is indeed helping people to know the best providers; from their web host review you can easily decide which the best web hosting services are. The review has a cheapest web hosting provider and it is the biggest searchable web hosting directory that has a complete information on all webhosting providers. Check out the Web Hosting Geeks today and explore the cheapest web hosting provider (this is perfect for your personal and business website). Check out this resource and find the best price-value ratio! Also visit thier blog page.

How to display the Posts alone in SS

As you can see the SS marketplace page has been displaying many opportunities such as CPC, SPON, AFFILIATE, SPARK, and POST. And we only pay attention on "Post" opportunities but we can't easily grab it unlike CPC, there are lots of CPC and AFFILIATE opportunities over there; it is over-taking the marketplace page! Before I got really confused how could I catch the "POST" since I am only seen the CPC and affiliate on the page. And later I figured out that you should click the "POST" or "CPC" or "AFFILIATE" sign above the page. If you want to display the "POST" opportunities alone on the page you can just click it and it will display, it is minimizing and cleaning the page. Above the page you can also click " by date" or "by offer" if you want to display the latest date or the amount, same also in PPP (Payperpost).

Walking Manhattan Food Tours

Do you love New York? I love New York and I would love to go there even a million times, I love the downtown city ( the nice spots, the parks, and the big buildings). If I have given chances to go in New York I would take a walking tours new york where I can experience the real NY bagels and pizza in Greenwich Village, the local hot dog on the Lower East Side, the Italian cold cuts and cheese and cannoli in Little Italy, and authentic fried pork dumplings in Chinatown. Also Visiting the must-see sightseeing icons like Washington Square Park in Greenwich Village, Tenement Museum on the Lower East Side and Old St. Patrick's Cathedral in SoHo; this would be a dream! Are you in new York? Don't miss these walking food tours in Manhattan.

Installing windows

Do you know how to install or reformat a new windows program? If you are planning to do so, you can do the following basic steps:

1. First simply insert the purchased CD or DVD to the CD drive and restart or start your computer, just click continue followed by the prompt “install now” click it then.
2. From clicking “install now” you will prompted to enter your product key, the product key is the 25 letters that can be found on your purchase item or from your CPU unit, you can see a sticker pasted at the bottom on your CPU.
3. Then you will be asked to accept the license, then after the agreement select the “custom” and continue.
4. From the custom, select the drive from the drive option that you want to use, it takes few seconds or minutes to load, wait for the loading process. On the next command just always click continue until it’s completely done.

Plastic Car Parts

I am imagining what would be the look of the car in the future using recycling plastic parts, it would be so cool! Could you imagine that? And the car would be less expensive then. This would be a great new invention on the future, and it would be exciting then. Are you excited to see these plastic cars? Check out these plastic car parts and you will see plastics as auto parts. I find it very interesting, it would be interesting to you then. Why don't you check, see, explore and
watch the contents of this website?

Duplicate software

How to uninstall an installed software? If you want to uninstall or remove the software that has been saved in your computer drive and you don’t know how to remove it or you are confused how to uninstall the installed files. If you are using Microsoft Windows Vista software, you can do the following steps: 1.Click the start button located at the bottom of your desktop screen, then click the control panel on the list. 2. Under the control panel page you can see “programs”, and then from the programs select the “Uninstall a program.” 3. Then from the program lists, you can now select the files you want to uninstall or remove, just click uninstall by hitting the right click of your mouse, and wait for the loading process. Speaking of software, however, if you are looking a  duplicate software that could help you to find duplicate files or to remove duplicate files on Windows Vista supported, Moleskinsoft's Clone Remover might be your solution - it is helping you to search for and delete duplicate data in a safe way on your PC or laptop.

Coupon code at HP

Hey wait give me a break! You are using me too much, even if you think that I have more memory space unlike other computers but you are giving me a non-stop work everyday! 24 hours working on you is too much and it's tiresome as you are only using one computer in home, you keep me busy for about a year now! Everybody in home is using me for saving bunch of files, chat, internet surf, and videos - these things are not easy tasks for me. Perhaps you are wondering who I am, I am anne's computer; she gives me lots of work that makes me dizzy and retarded sometimes. It's time for Anne's to add more computer in home or buy an extended hardrive from HP, today is a perfect time because they are on sale right now ( it would be great if you buy a new laptop or desktop from them), the prices are slowing down today, they have coupon codes ( a $30 stackable site-wide coupon) that you can grab and use to save more, it gives you $30 off any order of over $150 - all you have to do is enter the coupon code: SV2132 when you buy computers from them it's valid through 10/31 or while supplies last restrictions and exclusion apply. So why don't you grab this opportunity from HP? I love their products though. Check this out! Order now and save more.


My Page Rank

Guess what? I have just checked my other website’s page rank and unfortunately it goes down, I did not expect it to be happened. But one reason I suspect it’s because of my numerous paid posts made. I thought it will be going to up after weeks but my expectation does not happen, in fact I only had more than zero page rank for about a month, very sad. Hoping it would increase again soon. Have you experienced like this before? Now I learn a lesson, posting lots of paid post could affect your Google page rank, so I think you must have a ratio of 2:2 for paid post and unpaid post. So if you have the same problem like mine, the best thing we do is to make more unsponsored posts than paid posts, the more you have the more your Google index up. This way you can build more traffic!

The Opportunities Today!

Do you get many opportunities during these days? Well, lucky you, me I don't get much opportunities this time; it's pretty sad and boring. It seems my blogs are always not qualified because I have a lower page rank and the other blog has zero page rank. And sometimes they want you to be a member of their blogroll in order to get the opportunities, and I don't understand that idea. Because it seems socialspark has never looked for page rank but only for real rank and alexa rank.

Socialspark has always has opportunities with big amounts but I am not just qualified on it - very disappointing! They always have opportunities with big amount that I could never imagine. It's awesome If I could only grab on it!

Watermark Graphics

Looking an online resource for promo items? Here is your online resource for Embroidered Shirts, Hats and Custom Promotional Items- is your only online source for promo items, this is a good resource for promo items. Are you looking custom tote bags? You can find custom tote bags in here. I have visited this website and they have a huge selection of Embroidered Shirts, Hats and Custom Promotional Items, so don't miss this resource, you should visit it now and get your favorite items! So why don't you Check out this resource today for more queries. This is a great resource indeed.

Free Blogging Network

For those who are not familiar about blogging network, let me share you a few popular blog network today; these blogging network are,,,,, and is a community site that helps bloggers to generate a better income, and it’s defined as a network devoted to blog advertising, getting paid by writing your own opinions. is an automated system that allows all bloggers to promote their own web site, product, service, or company. is also a blog marketing and blog advertising service. all bloggers are placing bid for the opportunities given by advertisers, no ranking system, and the price is set by advertiser. is also an Internet service that generates Buzz and Traffic to bloggers, and builds quality traffic to your website, the opportunity will be given and emailed to you by the admin and it’s up to you to accept assignments. And network connects advertisers with bloggers who is willing to write a review about the advertiser services and products. It’s a company that buys reviews from bloggers based on their advertisers needs.

File Sending Made Easy

Looking for secure and easy file sending? Check out this managed file transfer for secure FTP server; I have never heard this Group logic ( but it sounds very interesting to a small or large business when it comes to sharing and sending files. They are providing file transfer solutions ( MassTransit) for over ten years to both small and large companies, wow it's a long experience. This MassTransit is very interesting! Many of the largest companies or organizations in the world have been using this MassTransit; it is helping them to save thousand of dollars a year in file shipping costs. Check out this Group logic resource that provides most innovative file transfer solutions in the world.