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Coupon deals

I love using coupons online, it saves me more and you can get good deals anyway. It's cool than going to any local store. Shopping online is more convenient and it is easier, would you agree? I love doing a window shopping online lol. I have never thought that officedepot has an online store, it's pretty cool if you need something for office supplies, laptop computers, monitors, Christmas present, etc this is a perfect store  for you with  no doubt, and you can visit their online store to pick some of your favorite items. And guess what? Here's the good news - they have Office Depot coupons that you can use when you purchase items online. Using coupons is a very smart idea - you can save hundreds every month, and in this holiday season officedepot is giving  free coupons that could save you more. Visit Office Depot discount code deals today and shop your favorite products. Instead of going to there local store, why don't you visit their online store and use their Office Depot Coupon Codes - that way you can save more if you are planning to buy something for Christmas present or gift. Visit and enjoy your shopping!

How to add AdSense

How to add AdSense

IF you wish to add AdSense in your blog to earn per clicks, you can register at AdSense account under at your Google Blogger Account. When someone clicks your Adsense ads at your blog, you will be earning per clicks. You can do the following basic steps:

1. Log in to your blogger account, at the right top of the page simply click “My Account” beside “Dashboard”.
2. Then it brings you to Google account page, below click the AdSense under “My products” category, and then sign up at Adsense Account if you’re not a member yet.
3. When you’re done signing up or your registration is complete, you will prompt to wait for 24 hours or more for activation process completion.
4. After 24 hours or more you will receive an email notification that your Adsense is ready to use; now you can add the AdSense Widget to your blog layout.
5. In adding AdSense Widget to your layout, go to your dashboard page of your blogger account, click “layout” under your blog, from layout page simply click the “Add a Gadget” at gadget selections, click the plus sign found at the right side of dollar logo- that is AdSense. And it will automatically add to your blog.

Seo Services Information

I am wondering why my blogs are not gaining a higher page rank, and in the past few months one of my blogs was down to zero. But recently, one of my blogs has increased to page rank 2, I don't understand the way google score your blogs. I have been writing so many articles on my blogs mostly relevant posts but it seems there's no good impact at all. Speaking of that, Do you believe in SEO or Search Engine optimization? What about Search Engine Maps Optimization? I have heard these services at affordable internet marketing - they provide these services to help you improve your business or business websites. From this local seo services information your small or medium-sized businesses could increase profits quickly. It is a local online marketing that could provide many customers as you wish to your business and help you to be successful in marketing business. You can visit their blog article to learn more tips, advices, great reviews about search engine optimization, get help with increasing traffic or PR (page rank) and much more! Find out this Quality information about local online marketing, and get some knowledge and information on how you are going to improve your business and gain profits eventually.

local seo services

Changing a classic template in blogger

Changing a classic template in blogger
Do you want to change your classic template in blogger? Well you can do it but back up first your current template, save it to your hard drive for just in case when trouble occurs. You can apply the following basic steps:

1. First Log in to your blogger account, be sure to click the “Dashboard” found at the right top of the page beside “ My account”
2. From the Dashboard page click “layout” text below your website name or your website title
3. When you are finished, from the layout page click “Pick New Template” text found between “edit HTML” and “Monetize”
4. Now you can pick the classic templates on the template displayed by just clicking it. When you are done simply click “SAVE TEMPLATE” button. (Changing your template will discard any changes you made in fonts and colors but your page elements will be retained) it’s very important to have backup so that you can easily swift it back if you don’t like the new template.

Ecommerce solution

Want more traffic? Well there is no shortcut to come up more traffic but it is said the content of your blog is the King, which is the ultimate thing to get more traffic; your post must be unique and interesting to a readers, say it well and clear. Always provide new interesting post that could catch the attention of your visitors, read blogs and comments which a good way to create relationships of the other active bloggers. Add tags and concentrate on SEO CMS, SEO software . Also It is says tags and keywords are important from the point of view of search engine.

Fundamentally, adds your URL to Google, Yahoo, Msn and to the other possible search engines, always search your Url link in Google, Yahoo or Msn, get more some friends and visit them frequently. I recommend to visit this Ecommerce solution - this might be helpful to you. Also participate to any blog forum, make a thread as this time you could have some friends to get ex-links. Make use of Social Sites too, social sites are always useful like Digg and Stumble that can really bring good amount of traffic, and your posts are automatically shared through Social sites.

How to moderate comments in Blogger

How to moderate comments in Blogger

Do you know how you will moderate your comments in your Blogger account? You can able to check comments on your blog before they are published, you can change it from your blogger account settings, this way you can avoid risks of spam and from harmful comments coming to your blog from anonymous. Well you can do the following basic steps:

1. First Log in to your blogger account, under the dashboard finds your blog and clicks the “settings” options.
2. When you are at the settings page simply click the “Comments” text.
3. from the Comments page, scroll down until you can see the “Comment moderation”, select “never” in order you to review the new comments that coming to your blog before they are published, the comments will appear on your dashboard then, you can also enter your email address in the box below so that you can receive an email notification for any new comments from non-members blogger who leaves a comment to your blog.

How to moderate comments in Blogger

How to moderate comments in Blogger

Do you know how you will moderate your comments in your Blogger account? You can able to check comments on your blog before they are published, you can change it from your blogger account settings, this way you can avoid risks of spam and from harmful comments coming to your blog from anonymous. Well you can do the following basic steps:

1. First Log in to your blogger account, under the dashboard finds your blog and clicks the “settings” options.
2. When you are at the settings page simply click the “Comments” text.
3. from the Comments page, scroll down until you can see the “Comment moderation”, select “never” in order you to review the new comments that coming to your blog before they are published, the comments will appear on your dashboard then, you can also enter your email address in the box below so that you can receive an email notification for any new comments from non-members blogger who leaves a comment to your blog.

Custom business cards

Looking for professional Business  Cards? Here I want to share you this Business  Cards review where you can get best and quality business cards online , you can save hundreds of dollars of all business cards,  profession specific cards, and many more! This resource has the best cards for your business , you can order online or contact their customer service. So if you are looking best quality business  cards this place is the right one for you! Why don't you check this out? Customize your business cards now! I love this huge variety of cards. Get one now! Select the cheapest or affordable items today!

How to switch domain name in Blogger

How to switch domain name in Blogger

Do you know how to switch a domain name in blogger? Well it very simple, I will share the steps to those who never know how. You can switch your current domain name in blogger to your own registered domain name or purchased one. Do the following basic steps:

1. First thing to do is to log in to your blogger account, under the dashboard look the blog you want to change a domain name then simply click the settings below on it.
2. On your settings page, click the “publishing” found between the “Basic” and “Formatting”.
3. Below the page you can see “Switch to: Custom Domain” just double click the “Custom Domain.”
4. From “Publish on a custom domain” page find the “switch to advanced settings” at the right side of the page then click it.
5. Then it will bring you to the “Advance Settings” simply type the new registered domain name of yours inside the box and type the word verification asked, afterwards, hit the “save settings” button at the bottom of the page. Then you are done!

My favorite talk show of all time

My favorite show on air has got to be the Maury Show. If you haven't seen at least one episode of this show, you have been hiding under a rock! I watch this show everyday and if I'm not home, I DVR it!

I love watching this show on ever since getting these satellite TV specials. The topics are not the most family friendly but provide loads of entertainment. I love the paternity test shows the best. These girls come on the show and bring along a string of guys to get them all tested to see who fathered her child! Or she'll claim she knows for certain that a particular guy is the father of her baby and when the paternity test comes in, she finds out that he didn't father her child. The girls get so embarrassed, they run right off of the stage! I must say that Maury is very professional in delivering the news. He doesn't give anything away in his face and he keeps a straight face the whole time. The whole thing is very funny.

I said before that it's not the most educational show on tv but it is a full hour of entertainment and guessing. I cannot even think about not watching this show. The laughs alone are what makes this my favorite talk show of all time.

How to Protect Your Email from Spam

How to Protect Your Email from Spam

We hate spam! Yahoo has spam-fighting features you can get with Yahoo! Mail plus, one of this is called “AddressGuard” you can protect your personal email address from spam by creating and managing disposable email address to protect your primary address against spam. I will show you the steps, through this way you can hide your real personal email address for security purposes. You can do the following steps:

1. First Log in to your yahoo account, from the top of the page at the right side click the “options”, then it will bring you to the Mail Options Page.
2. Under the Mail Options Page click the “AddressGuard” below the Spam protection.
3. Under the “AddressGuard” page click “add” button found bellow the “Disposable Email Addresses” now you can create your based name that easy to remember or your new disposable email address name. You can still receive messages at your own personal email address even you are using your disposable email address to everyone; the thing is the senders will never ever know your real personal email address.

Are you bored?

Are you bored? If so, then you need to have a vacation (lol), I am bored and I desperately need a vacation and  It would be great (lol)! Don't you thinks so? It would be perfect for adventure!

Anyway, What  do you  usually do when you get bored? How often you get bored, and what did you do to vanish it? Are you a type of person who often feels boredom? If so, how did you control that feeling? By going out with friends and have some fun? Or are you Gambling ? Playing games online is fun. I believe that people in America are the busiest human being in the world and that they usually feel boredom, so computer is the perfect pastime for them.

Changing Primary Email in Friendster

Changing Primary Email in Friendster:

If you want to change your email address in friendster and need a new primary email address for log in id and email invitation, you can do the following basic steps:

1. Log in to your friendster account, and from the right top of the page select “settings” between the “Messages” and “Help”, just click it.
2. Then when you are at your account settings page, click the “change Email Address” under the Personal Information.
3. Then from the Change Primary Email Address page. You can see a “New primary email address” just type the new email address that you want to use and to replace from your old primary email address. Then you will be prompted to Re-enter your new primary email address again. Then enter your current password.
4. Lastly, click the “save” button at the top. Then you are done!

Looking to win cash online?

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Webhosting Is Free

Webhosting Is Free
If you are a beginner, first thing you need to do is to create your own Blog, think what topic you would like to post and build, I recommend some of this free webhosting site; is a free blog publishing tool from Google for easily sharing your thoughts with the world. - is a community where you can start your own free blog, share your photos and any videos, and meet new friends too! - A personal blogging service where people share thoughts, photos, videos with people, friends and family.

You can select with those options to start your own weblog, sign up and registered, and then after your account activated you can start now to create or build your post. Blogging is the act of keeping an online journal, so you must be creative and think relevant post, with your own ideas, opinion and knowledge. This is so fun!

Find your online blackjack

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How Does a Fiancé (e) Visa Work?

 How Does a Fiancé (e) Visa Work? If you are an American citizen and you want your foreign fiancé (e) to travel to the United States to marry you and live in the U.S., you must file Petition for Alien Fiancé in the United States.

You must file the Petition for Alien Fiancé (e), with the Department of Homeland Security's U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) office that serves the area where you live. You need a form I-129F. After the USCIS approves the petition, it sends the petition to National Visa Center for processing, prior to sending it to the embassy or consulate where your fiancée will apply for K-1 nonimmigrant visa for a fiancée.

PLay and WIn

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How to change Friendster password

How to change Friendster password

If you are a beginner and confused how to change your friendster old password into a new one, just do the following steps, these are the simple basic steps:

1. First Log in to your own friendster account, at the top of the page from the right side you can see “settings” after the “messages” click the settings then.
2. Now you can see “Change Password” under the Personal Information from Account settings page. Click it.
3. From “Old Password”- type your current password that you are using now. Next is your “New Password”- type the new password that you want to replace from your old password. And the last one is you will be asked to confirm the new password that you entered, retype it again.
4. Lastly, hit the save button, and you are done! Good job. To test it, try to log in to your friendster account using your new password.

Best games on the net

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Changing Yahoo Account Password

Changing Yahoo Account Password

Do you confuse how to change your password in your yahoo account? Well if you don’t know the steps, I will show you the following basic steps:

1. First log in to your yahoo account, if you are already in your yahoo page you can see at the very top of the page your email id name beside “sign out”, from drop down arrow click “Account info”.
2. You will be prompted to enter your current password for security, then click sign in and you will be brought to your own yahoo account page.
3. Find the word “change Password” from yahoo account page, it is located under the Yahoo ID Card, click it then.
4. You can see the first line “Enter your current password”- type your old password, it refers to the password that you are using now. Second “Choose your new password”- type the new password that you want to replace from your old password. And the last “confirm your new password”- you need to type again the new password that has entered.
5. And click the save button then you’re done!

Is anyone bored right now?

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Black Nazarene

Black Nazarene

Black Nazarene, what is it all about? Black Nazarene is dark-skinned statue of Jesus Christ which known to be miraculous by many people. People in the Philippines celebrate it by a daylong procession where millions of Filipino people joined as celebrating the feast of the black Nazarene. It’s held in Quiapo Church of Metro Manila, Philippines. They celebrate it every 9th of January.

Palawan Resort

Palawan Resort

The amazing resort of Palawan, only found in the Philippines Island. This is one of the tourist spot! Have you been there yet?

Need Help For Car Accessories?

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Blogging Changes

Blogging Changes:

I have noticed that there are lots of changes in blogging; they are also facing difficulty due the world economic crisis. Apparently, they are also on crisis moment. If before you earned a lot but now I’m sure it becomes tougher then since the network has only few offers, and if you have noticed they only give smaller amount than before, anyway it’s still fine somehow it’s better than nothing. Everyone is on crisis right now, Well, the best thing you could do is to post more interesting topics on your blog to build more traffic , and to have a good page rank, it helps you then. If your website is one of your assets make it popular then, to make it popular you should build more traffic or visitors- the best way is to post some interested articles in your blog that is interesting and might entice your readers or visitors.

Let's have fun!

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How to create a strong password?

Do you know how you are going to create a strong password? Well this is very important to avoid the risk of stealing password online, how will you protect your own password? We know that lots of people out there have experienced this kind of scam , from their personal emails account, even online transaction, or their online banking transaction, apparently, online transaction is not 100% safe to trust, well to create a strong password the best thing you can do is to have a digits includes letters, numeric, and symbols since all text letter is easy to track, and the rest of every letters, digits, and symbols do the caps lock within the digits, though it’s difficult to remember but it is the safest way to protect your own password. Make sure to remember it for your own security and privacy, anyway it sounds interesting then. And I think this is the best idea!

Masters of Sight

Can you feel the summer? I can feel it! Ready to spend vacations with friends and  family? If so, where you want to go? I am looking for panama city, how I wish we can go there in this summer. Are you looking to spend there? If so, you should be prepared  - you should have some shields (such as hat, sunglasses, etc.) When you spend vacations in the summer season - once and for all, your eyewear should be prepared. Have you ever heard of zenni oprtical? I have heard this store many times and it I would say it's a number one online eyeglasses store (Masters of Sight). No one likes to spend hundreds of dollars just for eyeglasses or sunglasses. In this time of economic crisis we need to save every penny to survive! I always love to have an inexpensive sunglasses, strong quality, with modern materials, and I know where to find it! At least, I know the place where to get it! Let's enjoy the summer season Guys!

Muntazer al-Zaidi, an instant sensation?

Muntazer al-Zaidi, an instant sensation?

An Iraqi reporter Muntazer al-Zaidi has become an instant sensation in the Arab World; he has still many supporters by hitting shoe on President Bush during the press conference in Iraq. Apparently, there are a lot of people in rally opposing the judgment of Iraqi reporter Muntazer al-Zaidi. Unfortunately, Muntazer al-Zaidi will be punished by spending two years in jail for the disrespect behavior to a foreign President.

Some Iraqi agrees with Muntazer al-Zaidi did and some are not. This shoe-throwing reporter is the hottest issue on the internet besides they make it as fun by creating Web games on it where the players hurl footwear at moving targets of the U.S. president. Do you agree of this disrespectful behavior of Muntazer al-Zaidi?

Rock Proposal

Rock Proposal goes into a tragic story

Leafil Alforque a very young Filipina, 22 years old from Manila, Philippines swept by a wave near at Neskowin beach, Oregon with her American fiancée Scott Napper a 45 year old when it was about to propose her on the Rock, when they both climb on the rock itself the high tide was swept to them and brought Leafil Alforque into a tragedy and now she was missing! Though her fiancée wants to save her but since the two couple let go of each other's hands, Scott Napper did not make it. The body does not found yet. These two couple met through an Internet dating site and was dating on the internet for about two years; Leafil Alforque is about 4-foot-11 and 93 pounds.

They were about to marry on Dec.6 but this dream was die, sad to hear this story, I felt sorry for Leafil Alforque and her family, it is a kind of nightmare. We hope that the body will be found soon and let’s pray for miracle happen.

PHil. Banks link to paypal

Possible Methods of Withdrawing PayPal in the Philippines

Method/Service Possible to Withdraw? Fund Transfer Type

UnionBank EON/eWallet Yes Deposit to bank account (ATM)

Citibank Visa Yes Cash Advance or Over-payment Cheque

Citibank MasterCard Yes Cash Advance or Over-payment Cheque

HSBC Visa Yes Cash Advance

Standard Chartered Visa Yes Cash Advance (?)

Metrobank Visa Yes Cash Advance

EPCI Bank Visa Electron Yes Deposit to bank account (ATM) Yes Deposit to bank account or Cash Pickup Yes Load credits convertible to cash (?) Yes Withdrawn as e-gold convertible to cash

ATM cards w/o Visa/Mastercard logo No -

BDO Debit card w/ Mastercard logo No -
BDO Mastercard No -
ChinaTrust Visa No -
Globe G-Cash No -

Each method is explained in detail below.
More details in the discussion thread How to withdraw funds from Paypal Philippines.
UnionBank EON or eWallet Debit card - POSSIBLE
Citibank Visa Credit card - POSSIBLE
According to, payments are considered “Cash Advance” which incurs additional fees and monthly interest charges. Alternatively, an “Over-payment Cheque,” which has no fees and interest charges, can be requested from any Citibank branch.
Citibank Mastercard Credit card - POSSIBLE
HSBC Visa Credit card - POSSIBLe
Standard Chartered Visa Credit card - POSSIBLE
Metrobank Visa Credit card - POSSIBLE
According to, funds appear as a Cash Advance or Payment to a credit card balance.
Equitable PCI (EPCI) Bank Visa Electron Debit card - POSSIBLE
Confirmed in a post on the forum although nodules reported that her EPCI card does not have a CVV Number. Biske suggested that the CVV be requested directly from EPCI. - POSSIBLE
Be warned that PayPal sometimes put a limit on accounts that use the Xoom withdrawal method. Read more about Limited PayPal accounts here.
Latest Update: according to Jericho, Xoom has now prohibited intra-Philippines transfers “until further notice.” The buzz is that PayPal does not want a non-affiliated middle-man such as Xoom to be part of the withdrawal process. - POSSIBLE
According to writerservices: “Sa chikka, within minutes andyan na pera mo. Mahal nga lang in the long run kasi $7 per Php 5,000 ang kaltas (Using Chikka, your money is available in just a few minutes. However, it gets expensive in the long run because the fee is $7 for every P5,000).”
2slick shared that Chikka first verifies a new user’s identity and that the amount to be transferred can only be in certain denominations.
Biske added that Chikka can only accomodate Smart Money transfers. - POSSIBLE
The process may seem complicated at first glance because PayPal is initially withdrawn as e-gold then converted into cash.
2slick explains how the process goes: a deposit must first be made to a Scriptlance account and the balance is withdrawn as e-gold. Received e-gold funds are then converted to cash through e-currency exchangers such as Expected total lead time for this process is 4 days.
Bank ATMs and Debit cards without a Visa or Mastercard logo (e.g., BPI ExpressCash, BDO CashCard,Citibank CitiCard) - Almost Always NOT POSSIBLE
If your card does not have a Visa or Mastercard logo, it probably does not support PayPal withdrawals. To confirm, try it in PayPal. Let us know if it works.
BDO Debit card with Mastercard Electron logo - NOT POSSIBLE
BDO Mastercard Credit card - NOT POSSIBLE
ChinaTrust Visa Credit card - NOT POSSIBLE
G-Cash cannot be used in PayPal because it is neither linked to any bank account nor affiliated with Visa or Mastercard. The absence of a physical card also makes it impossible to get a Card Number and CVV Number, things necessary to successfully attach a card in PayPal.

Blogging Terms!

Before you start blogging, try to familiarize yourself with these blogging terms first.

Blog – can be used to refer to the blog site or to refer to the act of “blogging” — that is, to maintain a blog or post a blog article.
Blogging – is the act of maintaining a blog or posting an article in a blog.
Blogger – is a person who runs a blog or posts in a blog.
Blog feed – is a form of XML-based file produced by the blog software so that the contents of the blog may be “syndicated” for further distribution on the web.
Blog hopping – is when fellow blogger used to follow the links from one blog to another; basically, to jump or hop from blog to blog.
Blogroll – is a list of blog members. Bloggers usually place a blog roll in the sidebar of their blogs to show other blogs they like or frequently visit.
Categories –is a method of organizing blog entries by assigning each entry to a predetermined topic. Each category will link to a list of all entries with related content.
Comment – is a reaction or feedback to a blog entry posted by another blogger, usually located at the end of a blog article.
Permalink – is the Permanent link or the unique URL of a single post.
Post – is refers to the blog entry itself.

Hometown Philippines Wonders

The natural wonders only found in my Hometown Libjo, Surigao Del Norte Philippines.
I love this place, this is one of the beautiful spot in my hometown.

This area is amazing! the beautiful rocks, white sand and the neat blue sea.

At the back is the beach with white sand.

Let's PLay and Have Fun

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Is jesus Coming back?

On what grounds do you base your statement that Jesus Christ is coming back? Did not Christ say, “Lo, I am with you always, even unto the end of the world"?

We look for the return of the Lord because He said many times that He would come - and because it is one of the most frequently mentioned subjects in the Bible. Christ is with us today through His Holy Spirit, and He will be with Christians and with the church down to the end of the age. When He ascended up into heaven, the disciples were told by two angels standing by that He would return again as they were now seeing Him go ( see Acts 1:11). This climactic event of history is yet in the future. It will be sudden and final- the culmination of the ages. It will take the unbelieving world by surprise, and people will try to hide from His holy presence. At the return of Christ the resurrection of the believers will take place. They will be gathered together to be with the Lord forever. We can only speculate about the exact details of His return. The important thing is that He is coming again and that yet has time to trust in Him as our Savior and Lord. The bible says all people must face Him at that time- as either Savior or Judge: “When the Son of Man comes in his glory... he will sit on his heavenly glory" (Matthew 25:31).

Real estate tax benefit

Many of us are struggling to pay our monthly bills  and mortgages, and some of  us are losing homes and jobs. Indeed, many people are currently suffering right now. In fact, hubby and I are already behind on our mortgage payment and other monthly bills as well (we don't know when we can resolve this trouble). It's a tough time for everyone! Have you ever heard of this real estate tax benefit? It says for first-time homebuyers, or those who have not owned in the last three years, can receive up to an $8,000 tax credit. It is simply called a 2010 Homebuyer tax credit or home buying tax credit - a person or an individual, or a family has an opportunity to receive up to $8,000 Tax Credit, and it will be on April 30, 2010 to June 30 2010 (it's so closed) so you need to read some information at Coldwell Banker (a leader in the industry in residential and commercial real estate, and in niche markets such as resort, new home and luxury property).  If you think you are a qualified homebuyer you need to act now before it's too late, this is your chance and there may be no future extensions. Act now and take this opportunity!

Pop-Up Blocking!

How will you block the Pop-up ads from your weblog? Using Mozilla browser you can use some simple tools how to block any unwanted pop up ads on your page window browser, it is later improve after Opera that only focus on blocking pop-ups generated as the page loads. Mozilla is the latest browser today in blocking pop-up ads.

However, most of us are using IE (Internet Explorer), if you want to block the pop-up ads window using by your IE browser, just do the following; click the name “tools” beside the name “page” on the right side of the page browser, then click the pop-up blocker and select the turn on pop-up blocker. And you are done!

Planning to go to New York?

New York is one of the best and biggest states in United States, How I wish I could go there for a vacation. New York is one of the nicest places to spend for a summer vacation - pretty sure you could have a nice place to stay,  to shop, to eat, to relax, to chill out, and to check out or to check in.  Indeed, New York is the best city in United States - there's a lot of everything for everyone from New York Hotels to hints and tips, to make your vacation the best! Planning to have a vacation in New York? Check out some insider hints and tip at New York Stay ( and prepare your most dream vacation!

What is Depression?

What is Depression? Have you often depressed? When did it happen? And how it occurred? Depression is a serious medical illness and mood disorder that causes you to have a complicated feeling of sadness, hopeless, pessimism, feeling of guilt, worthlessness, helplessness, loss of interest or pleasure in hobbies and activities for an extended period of time. Depression is not just only unhappy for a certain little thing but it is a major feeling "down" or "low" for weeks or more, it is completely felling "hopeless" at all.

How it occurred? It is said there is no cause of depression but we usually get it from environmental and psychological factors like having trauma, loss of a loved one, a difficult relationship, big problems and other stressful situation. Depression also exists if the person has a heart disease, stroke, cancer, HIV/aids, and diabetes. A person who has depression is more needed support and company.

Market your business

My hubby got sick this morning, so he needs to leave from work early and work in home instead. He is working as a designer or creative director, he loves his job. And for me it is an interesting job as well. This job is not easy as what we think; it's very stressful and needs a lot of effort. Since I have known a lot about computer I want to become a web designer (pretty close of what my hubby's job) - it is a nice job also. That would be nice then but it needs  more practice I guess. But it would be perfect if you have your own business, in that way you are the boss and you can manage your own time and life. When you do a business you need to market your business by using a business card design so you can build customers and your business will be known to the people. I know as a business person you always aim to be a successful. Let's makes our business successful!

Enjoy using the Social Network?

Since I have been experiencing troubles and problems in social network, Friendster, I switch to other known social network called facebook, and I found it very interesting, they have many interesting features than friendster. Friendster has been known social network for many years, in fact they have many users and members for several years, but then since it has been linked to many different viruses, people have been pissed-off and leave the network and  switched to facebook. This network is fun, you can play games, search different people around the world, you will enjoy their features and you can customize and manage your profile. You can  make your profile privately and safely. It's awesome I did not find any viruses that could harm my computer unlike the other social network Friendster. It sounds interesting. Now I am just building friends since I am a new user on this network, I enjoy watching the people who are posting fun and interesting articles and videos as well as games. But, lately when I checked my friendster account I could not see any pop-up viruses anymore, so probably they fixed it already. Well, that's good, and keep up the good work Friendster, because you are slightly fading away (lol).

Can you see clearly?

Can you see clearly (have 20/20 vision)? I have studied and read the driver's manual (driving lesson book) and according to the Law you need to have 20/20 vision to obtain a driving permit, is it true? First you need to take a written exam (knowledge test) and when you pass the test you need to take an actual driving exam (road test) again as a second and last test, and when you pass the road test you are now eligible to obtain a driver's license but you should have 20/20 vision - if you are not, you are advised to wear eyeglasses or contact lens to get the 20/20 vision. I have a friend who is currently taking a driving lesson and since she has a poor vision and I would glad to introduce her the affordable eyeglasses  from Zenni Optical. Their products are incredible, this company is helping people who have a poor vision and can't afford to buy an expensive prescription eyeglasses. Plus, they are using  the latest modern materials, and they bring their product direct from their factories to us (No middlemen, no retail overhead, and  no advertising budget). That is why they have a very cheap products compare to the other companies. Also try to read this Erics review of Zenni Optical to hear more about Zenni.

What is Pop- up ads?

Have you been bothered by the Pop- up ads found on your weblog? Indeed, This pop-up ad is bothering me so much, have you experienced the same? Where did it come from? The Pop-up ad does not give any good impact to your readers as it just gives disgust to the users or readers by the time the website has to be opened. How are we going to resolve it?

Pop-up ads or popup is usually generated by the third party from JavaScript which gives a pop-up window containing an advertisement on your blog, or it can be called a new browser window hidden under the active window. On this problem the best thing you can do is to remove this ads that generated by the third party from JavaScript. From your blog it can be found on your JavaScript layout or widgets.

Ready for spring? Need a shed?

I was attending a birthday party on 20th day of this month and unfortunately I left my sunglasses in my friend's house, that's  my summer and spring sunglasses. I don't know when I could get it back. The spring season  is very close  and I desperately need sunglasses or eyeglasses on summer and spring time. You, as a car driver you need it, too. I have seen many cool sunglasses for summer and prescription eyeglasses at Zenni Optical, I have heard this store many times online (very popular when it comes to cheapest lens or prescription eyeglasses). Summer season is near, are you excited? I am very excited. Perhaps you are planning to have a vacation on a beach or to have a hiking adventure with friends on summer and so you must have sunglasses or eyeglasses for shed,  this is what we need  in summer, I would say it's very useful wherever we go, would you agree?

How to upgrade windows vista!

Do you know how to upgrade your windows vista? A convenient and affordable way to upgrade Windows Vista is the following; click the start button in Windows Vista and type upgrade in the Start Search area, click on Windows Anytime Upgrade that appears on the menu, and follow the instructions on the screen to buy the upgrade online.

Alternatively, you can click the Start button, select Control Panel, and click the Windows Anytime Upgrade icon. Windows Vista is the newest or latest windows software in Microsoft that has more tools improvement.

Earn from Mobile Video!

Internet is the easiest way which you can earn money quickly, through publishing products or advertising businesses to be readable online, mostly people who are managing online businesses have become successful . There many different ways to earn money online from advertising to selling products. I have just recently heard  about  mobile video ( where you can generate revenue by uploading your film content and set your own fees. At this network you can be a filmmakers or content buyers, if you want to be a part of it you are free to register and start earning! To learn more about it, visit the site and explore!

Do a Budget!

Today we have faced a big problem of our economy, how do we budget our money on this economic crisis time? Do we know how to organize our money? This tough time we must do our step in budgeting to survive! This is sad time for us, a tough life and surviving moment. How do we fix this economy? Well, the first step will start from us unity is needed, we can help by conserving our energy, be aware of environmental problems, sharing, giving and praying on this crisis conditions.

How are we going to budget our household expenses at this time? Well, we should do the math to budget our money, enumerate the expenses, and use your computer software if you have, to calculate your income and expenses daily, weekly or monthly. That is what we do right now. Let us do our duty to budget the household expenses for our own good to overcome this economic crisis.

Build your own blog!

I have 4 blogs and it gives me so much fun and happiness. Updating blogs, writing articles, and communicating with fellow bloggers, and writing paid posts wipe my boredom. It simply makes me alive and active, so I would say blogging is fun, if you do not have a blogging business today then you better have, it's fun and you will be rewarded after working hard for your sites or blogs. It's very simple to make a blog, you can start at free hosting site or get a paid web host or ecommerce hosting for better traffic results, and you can ensure that your blog will be boosted and known. Most people prefer to build a website on paid web host or paid host name, having an own domain name is better than relying to a free web hosting site. Like for instance, in blogging business they prefer to a site that has a paid domain name because it looks more descent. In blogging world when you have your own domain name you will surely get some campaigns. So, it means more $$$. Let's blog!

About Repentance!

" For shall be in heaven over one sinner that repenteth, more than over ninety and nine just persons which need no repentance. Luke 15:7"

It could be described in two words; we would use the words "turning around." Turning around from what? We ask. The answer can be given in one word - "sin"." The Bible teaches, as we have already seen, that sin is a transgression of the law. Sin is the rejection of all authority and the denial of all obligations to God. Sin is that evil principle which came into the Garden of Eden when Adam and Eve were tempted and fell. Ever since the disaster in Eden this evil poison has affected all men so that "all have sinned," and there is none righteous, no, not one." Sin has destroyed our relationship with God, and as a consequence it has disturbed our relationship with each other, and even with ourselves.

Save your Energy usage!

Spring time is near and sooner the summer will begin, are you excited? I am pretty sure you are because perhaps winter season gives you displeasure and too much troubles or problems when it comes to energy usage, is it? I would say winter season consumes too much energy and power because obviously we use home heating or home heater. There is a big different when you use air-conditioning in summer time and heater in winter time; heater is much expensive compare to air-conditioning. Some of us are using gas power for home heater; however, others are preferred to use an electric heater. Apparently, using gas power for home heater is much common in United States. Therefore, no wonder that our bills go up in winter time! And that's the reason why we love spring and fall season, it saves us more energy and money. Winter season is indeed annoying aside from its much power consumption we hate the cold weather and most people sick of it! We are on a crisis time, why don't we learn how to control or reduce our home energy usage and start saving instead? Find some recommendations on how to reduce an energy usage at Microsoft Hohm and find an energy efficiency you can sign up for free and use the tools afterward. They are simply providing you with a home energy report and energy-saving recommendations tailored to your home. It's a very easy and friendly-user site. Change your energy habits now and save more!

Have you heard the News of 22 OFW's issue bounced checks, jailed?

22 OFW's issue bounced checks, jailed
Twenty-two filipinos in the United Arab emirates were imprisoned after falling  prey to a pyramid scam, resulting in charges of issuing bounced checks. The Philippine consulate in the UAE has sent a request to the ministry of foreign affairs offices in Dubai and sharjah to officially investigate the matter, said consul general benito valeriano.

" I am waiting for the official response of the governments of Dubai and sharjah to my verbal note with the statements submitted by the victims to the consulate-general,"Valeriano said in an article posted on UAE-based news site khaleej Times.

Valeriano noted that many of these Filipinpos lost their jobs after spending time in jail. " I have to act swiftly on this complaint as this is victimizing filipinos," he added.

Two hundred people in all were affected by the scam, 22 of which were Filipinos, who sought the assistance of the consulate after they were jailed for issuing dud checks.

The victims had given black checks  to a man running a debt collection agency in Deibra but claimed he would provide loan  extensions, but higher amounts were written on the checks.

One of the victims, Dubai resident Olivia Merino, said she went to the Naif police station on december 22 with her lawyers to file a complaint against the debt collection agency and the man who runs it. " My lawyers files a complaint with the prosecution on December 9 after a Naif policeman took me to Sharjah and was jailed there," Merino said. She said that when she went to file a complaint with the police, it turned out her name was there as a subject of a bounced check. Other alleged victims of the scam said they would see the director of the NAif police station to file their complaints.

Ready to Rock n' Roll?

Have you ever attended any 2010 concerts? There some lining-up concerts this year, 2010 and you can even avail cheaper tickets, have you got one? Or are you planning to get one? I recommend you to visit Houston Rodeo concert tickets - have you heard of this one? If so, have you already bought a concert ticket for Houston Rodeo and Livestock Show? I  love country, rock, hip hop or Latin music,and this source is featuring concert from some of the biggest names in country, rock, hip hop and Latin music. Have a passion for singing or is singing one of my favorite hobbies? If so, then I am sure you have your own singer idols or favorite singers  and you dream to watch them performing live on the stage, right? Well, make your dream comes true! If you like to watch your favorite singer performing live visit Houston Rodeo and get your ticket, watch your dream singer performing at a reasonable price! Don't worry this source/place is reliable and known  when it comes to  an affordable ticket price.  All the famous singers and best singers are featured here. Is it not exciting?  Why don't you get  your 2010 Houston Rodeo Tickets now  by visiting their site? I would love to go, would you? I would like to watch Jonas Brothers performing live. It's exciting! Go get your ticket now!

The Worst is Over?

The Worst is Over?
"Philvolcs considers lower alert level as Mayon calms down"

LEGAZPI City, Albay - officials of the Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology (Phivolcs) announced that they are seriously considering the possibility of lowering the alert level around Mt. Mayon within the next few days after the volcano dramatically showed signs of quieting down, nearly three weeks after it started spewing ash and lava.

No ash explosion has been observed for more than 24 hours and rumblings around the volcano  have lessened significantly, just  days after it was believed that a violent eruption was imminent.

The Philvolcs told the  local media that "if no significant events should occur during the next few days," it would seriously "consider the possibility of lowering the alert level from 4 to 3.

The agency has maintained level 4 of a 5-level alert status around the volcano since Dec.20, meaning that a major "hazardous" eruption is imminent. Level 3 means this kind of eruption is possible within weeks.

However, research scientist Alex Baloloy said that the Philvolcs will wait at least three more days before it finally makes the recommendation, if any, to lower the alert level around Mt. Mayon.

The best web hosting service!

How long have you been managing a blog/site? I am managing 3 weblogs for almost 2 years now and it's really fun. I manage blogs for blogging business and I really enjoy it. In fact, My English  grammar has been improving through writing articles in my blog, because when you manage a blog you should update it regularly, you need to post or write fresh articles so that your readers will encourage to come back and visit your blog again, in that way you can also build traffic, and when you have a good traffic, you have a good page rank, and also your blogs will be known and visible to any search engines. A few months ago I decided to look for a web hosting  site, where I can buy a domain name because I plan to create another blog and I wanted to create an own domain name or in short I wanted a paid domain name not just a free domain. I have heard this business hosting many times in the web, and I am very curious about it, and the thing is you can get a very affordable domain name, it is very cheap! And you can even do  a review, canvass, choose, or select  of what hosting providers nowadays are cheaper and offering affordable prices per month or per year, your search about web hosting will be tackle and reduced here, because the site is  giving you the top 10 web hosting and the best web hosts for 2010.  In fact,  I bought one domain name last year and  then after months I bought another one, so I am managing or owning two domain names now. This web hosting site review is also offering an email hosting.  Furthermore, in my opinion it is better if you manage an own domain name or paid domain name, because even in blogging I have noticed that paid domain name is being prioritized.

The Posts on your blog!

What are your  experiences in posting articles on your blog? Did you write posts that are originally written by you, or did you copy it from someone else? Or did someone copy your original contents? There are a lot of things to consider in posting articles, either it is unpaid or paid articles in your blog. First it should not be copyright and repeated; the posts must be unique and originally written by the bloggers or authors (that is you) with correct grammar and interesting contents.

However, if you do blogging today try to consider that the paid post or sponsored reviews on your blog must not be constantly followed by each fellow paid post, paid reviews must be written after unpaid post, mean the post must be varied between the blog  unpaid post and paid blog post, this is against of any advertising network terms and condition . To all bloggers, keep it up!

Green Police

Do you have a passion for maintaining the environment safe, clean and green?  New Green Police are helping to manage the environment clean and green. Applications for green Police  Help Glastonbury Festival create a green and clean festival.They are aiming to maintain the surroundings clean and green, they encourage litter picking, recycling and better waste management by telling festival goers face to face, showing the rules in a nice and polite way, and giving out green bags. Want to be a part of it, check out Green Police today! Let's Help our environment stays safe, clean and green!

Paypal and Alert Pay!

What is the difference between PayPal and Alert pay? Which is better? There is no big difference between  the two of them, they both accept payment processing but PayPal is already known and older  network compared to Alert pay which is just new and recent, and their users base is less. PayPal has already more users as it is very reputed name and many people use them.

Alert pay doesn't have same merchant tools that PayPal has. Most users are confidence and satisfied in PayPal, they use PayPal in any services like EBay, blogging and etc. for sending and receiving money. Alert pay does not support many of the features which PayPal has, their service and security is less while PayPal is more reliable. But Alert pay has been improving nowadays.

How do you use the internet?

How's your internet connection? Have you ever had a high speed internet connection in home? I use my desktop computer everyday and  it seems the internet is already part of my everyday living. And I would say having a  fast internet connection is very important  to me, especially  on my online  business ( I am doing it for almost 2 years), I don't know what would be my life is without an internet, I think it would be very boring.  We have a high speed internet connection in home, and I am very happy that we have currently had it. How do you use the internet? What is your internet provider? Have you currently had a bad or slow connection and it took you forever to download music, videos, or social media? If so, then it's time to switch to a new internet provider and look for high speed internet providers , and if you live in rural or remote locations, it's not a big deal! Don't think that because you live out in the country  you should have to have a slow dial-up internet connection! You can have/get a high speed internet as what people do in the country area or big cities! Indeed, having a solid internet connection or high speed internet connection is fun and cool!

Who is the Blogger?

Who is the Blogger? Blogger is simply a publisher who writes blog on the website and publish it on the internet to be visible on the search engine. Blogger is one who is expressing their own opinion and ideas through the internet by writing articles; it may be about personal diary, personal experiences, or review posts and etc.

There is no rule in blogging or as a blogger you can write anything you want, either negative or positive opinion doesn't matter. But however if you are in a blog advertising network, there are many things to consider because here you will face some lists of rules to be followed, your post must grammatically correct, no offense words, no copyright, the words must be originally written from you and the post must relevant to the subject given by advertising network. If the post has been approved the blogger will earn an compensation from the sponsored. Being a blogger has ever been so fun aside from earning to it you can express your own opinions freely on the internet.

Houston Rodeo concert tickets!

Have you already bought a concert ticket for Houston Rodeo and Livestock Show? Do you love country, rock, hip hop or Latin music? Team One Tickets is featuring  concert from some of the biggest names in country, rock, hip hop and Latin music. I have a passion for singing ( singing is one of my favorite hobbies) and I would love to watch my  favorite singer performing live on the stage! Would you like to watch your favorite singer performing? At Houston Rodeo you can  watch your dream singer performing live on the stage in a reasonable price.  Team One Tickets ( is a reliable and known source of 2010 Houston concert tickets ( All your favorite famous singers or best singer performers are featured here). It's very exciting, isn't it? So get  your 2010 Houston Rodeo Tickets by visiting Houston Rodeo concert tickets, I would like to go, would you?  I would love to watch Selena Gomez and Jonas Brothers performing live. This is an exciting 2010 concert, get your ticker early today! Remember that the ticket price/value you are going to spend is not worthless if you see and watch your dream singer performing live. Go, go, reserve a ticket now!

What is Web hosting?

What is Web hosting? Web hosting is an internet hosting services that provides user to create a website for free to access the World Wide Web. Personal web site hosting is typically free, advertisement-sponsored, or cheap and it is only for single page hosting but business web site hosting often has a higher expense.

Free Web hosting means it is accessible via internet! Types of hosting are free web hosting service, shared web hosting service, reseller web hosting, virtual dedicated server, dedicated hosting service, managed hosting service, collocation web hosting service, clustered hosting, grid hosting and home server. Web hosting is part of a general internet access plan; it's either free or paid providers.

Real Estate Bailout, Act now!

Are you still suffering in the recession? Have you ever lost your job? Or are you behind on your mortgage payment? We know that there are hundreds or even thousands of people are losing jobs, homes or behind on their mortgages payment. Indeed, In this time of economic crisis many of us are suffering and struggling to live. But, in any problems there are always a solution. Perhaps you have not heard this Real Estate Bailout yet, have you? It is a 2010 Homebuyer tax credit where the people, individuals, or families have a chance to receive an $8,000 Tax Credit! If you are  a first-time homebuyer, or a person who has not owned in the last three years, then you can receive up to an $8,000 tax credit. You should act now by visiting Coldwell banker site (a registered trademark licensed to Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC) or the link above. The binding contract will be effective on April 30, 2010 to June 30 2010, so to all qualified homebuyers  grab this chance before it's too late  because  there may be no future extensions.  Get the money you deserve and use it for your living! Also, watch the video to get more information.

How to add more blogs in Entercard?

Confuse how to add your other blog URL in Entrecard? Well, I was also confused before but you can add your other blogs if you want. Sign in to your Entrecard account click the dashboard, on your dashboard you can see one of the menu bar “Linked blogs" besides on “Transactions” menu, click it! Below of the page you can see “Add a new blog to your group" click it once then start adding your blog by signing the form and after you sign it, click sign up to submit and then you are done. The blog that you have added will be linked to your current blog; you can switch between linked blog at anytime by just clicking the "switch" button at the top of the page.

Now, when you get the code of your blog that you have just added, on the same "linked blogs" page, you can see your new blog listed on the table, click the "Switch to" on the blog that you have just added or blog that you want to get code, and then it's turning into "active". From the menu bar click the "Get code" you will find it between Dashboard and Campaign then you are on the way to the widget code, select among of them, just copy the code then paste it on your layout blog.

What would be your Valentine's Day Gift?

Valentine's day is near, have you already picked  a present  to your loved one? What would be a best present to give to a loved one? Do you prefer to give flowers, chocolates, or a valentines note to your wife, husband, lover, fiancee, or close friends? Valentine's Day is an exciting moment to all couples - it is a time of sharing, loving, and expressing compassion, do you agree? For me the best gift to give to a loved one in valentine's Day is a kind of gift that loved one needs it, in short a thing that can be useful to him/her/them. And speaking of gifts maybe these  eyeglasses or sunglasses from zenni optical  are the best gifts to give to your loved ones on valentines Day. I really appreciate this store, they are selling products that are very affordable to everyone, they bring their products direct from their factories to you , there is no middlemen, no retail overhead or no advertising budget, that's why everything is cheap! You can check this Eric's review of Zenni Optical, I have already checked their website and read the article review, it's very interesting. Indeed I found a new great place to shop for eyeglasses!

Filipina, the best wife?

Filipina is a woman who lives and born in the country of Philippines, Why the western men want to marry a Filipina? Because there are lots of unique qualities of the Filipina women. Most western men want to marry a Filipina because they are the most loyal and faithful wife, Filipinas itself describe themselves as a superwoman when handling a family, they can be a wife and a mother, some western said, Filipina is the best on taking care of their husbands and children and the family is the most priority for them, they personally manage the home, laundry, house cleaning and cooking. And aside from that as a Filipina mother they are the first teachers on their own children, teaching their children on a good manner, right act and words, they show how to respect the older ages people and if a kid doesn't listened or being stubborn they do punishment to remind their kids mistakes and to avoid of doing it again, Filipina also teaches their kids to  afraid  with God by not doing or showing bad attitudes to their families and to the other people, and it leads the Filipino kids grow in a good moral value, Philippines is one of  the Christian countries in the world.
Filipina has a soft heart, but they are so emotional people - and the thing is this personality gives a comfort to others because they are the type of person that you can lean on and could sympathize you during in sad time, they never turn their back when you feel down. In Marriage life, they believe marriage is a sacred and it's a forever commitment, When it comes to love, Filipina is the most loving and sweet person, they always express it. Filipina has always had a low pride when it comes to love to their loved ones.

ClickandBux PTC, where are they?

Have you ever heard this ClickandBux affiliate network? Where are they now? They are gone! There are thousands of members who have been loyal to them? And what did they do? They were gone and escaped the responsibilities that they must provide to their members! They are such a kind of scammed! Always be careful of the scam affiliate network who is trying to take advantage.

Are they just having a site problem or maintenance? Well, I don’t think so, there is no even reminder note was left to notify their members that they were under in maintenance; they have just vanished like a wind. Who among of you there was being victimized on this affiliate scammer? Are you one of their victim members? You can post a comment here. Don't easily trust to any affiliate network like “earning by clicking ads " unless it is not proven and you are not so familiar with, you should read testimonials first or  asking to friend.

Car Hire Comparison Search Engine!

Are you currently experiencing a problem on transportation? Do you own a car or do you have a car? Are you planning to spend a vacation and need a reliable source for car renting or hiring? I think most people, or group of individuals, or family prefer to rent a car when they go out of town for camping, adventure, or vacation. If you are about to rent a car you should check out this  "compare car rental" so you could able to search car rentals near at your area and to compare the car rental prices and rates, and save more. It's a friendly car hire comparison search engine and guarantee the cheapest car rental rates on the market with no hidden costs! Try it!

Opportunities in PPPv4!

Opportunities in PPPv4!
Last week I got many opps from PPPv4, this network  has begun rocking today! I hope I could get more Opps this week (lol), sometimes PPPv4 has no Opps for one week straight but then after a week there are lots of Opps displayed in the market, so you can't guess when it really rocks (lol). However I am wondering what happen to the socialspark or SS, they have no Opps for about a month now, which is lately they  have given lots of opportunities in the market. Right now PPPv4 is the only blog network rocks today. The payperpost or it is now called inpostlinks has been reformed and it has a big changes. Many bloggers are not happy for this reformed and changed in Payperpost or inpostlinks, many are frustrated, in fact others are hoping that the network  will change and back as what it is before. Well hopefully it will (lol)! But I think it's impossible now because this network is being changed for links opp only. You don't need to post article or review but only attach the link to the older posts or you can write a new post if you want to.

My page rank goes up!

I have noticed that one of my blogs has got a higher rank (from page rank 1 it increases to page rank 2). I have received this good news on January 1 2010, I am so glad that Google recognizes the efforts that I put to my pay domain name blog. One thing that makes me happier is - it's a pay domain name and it's very advantage if you have got a good page rank on that, PR2 is already considered a blessing especially to the bloggers who are managing blogs and wanting to increase their traffic to grow their blogging business. However, I have got a problem lately, the registrar where I made or buy my domain name disables my domain name because it's expiring. One thing I did not like is - I have still 2 weeks before it expires and they have been disabled it for me so I can't able to use till I would not renew it. I have got a problem on the Paypal right now so I can't able to do the task. My balance is zero I can't purchase to them. I don't understand why they make my domain name disable and I have still 2 weeks before it expires, it's kind of weird and unfair for me.  I hope godaddy will consider it and must wait till it's expired before they disable. It's kinda weird!