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Computer worm news

Today, on April 1 based on the research the conficker worm has scheduled to attack. This worm will try to hack your account information either on banking account online and will be able to steal your password, and control your account over the internet and on your local computer information as well. Some expert says to avoid these hackers or criminals that trying to steal your security and privacy; you should have strong anti-virus or scanner and always updates your windows. For updates; go to “start” button found at the bottom of your screen then click “all programs” and click “windows update”. However, anti-virus software is the most important you should have it by this time.

Since the attack of conficker worm has been being scheduled on April 1, the safest way to get rid from it is to shut down your computer for whole day (April 1) for a meantime to ensure that you will not be attacked on this conficker worm organized by hackers or criminals. Let's protect our valuable computers!

Classic Menu for Office 2007

I am currently using Microsoft office 2007 on my windows vista software. Microsoft office 2007 is one of the latest Microsoft offices, with easy menus and tools, fast and quick access. Based on my experience of Microsoft office 2007; it is easier software to use, has great menus and tools, friendly- user, and has amazing features and uses. Speaking of Microsoft office 2007, try to check out the “classic menu for office 2007” that Bring Classic Style Menus and Toolbars back to Microsoft Word 2007; it brings back the familiar menus and toolbars to Microsoft office 2007 and allows users to work with Microsoft office 2007 and office 2003 too, and all new features in Microsoft office 2007 have already been added into the main menu from standard toolbar and formatting toolbar, it is the best new software indeed! I’m glad to know this new software as I love using Microsoft office. From “classic menu for office 2007” you don’t need to spend more time to study or learn new interface because it has everything to grasp up. Whatever you have learned on Microsoft office 2007, classic menu for office 2007 is just a new improvement; it also includes classic menu for word, excel, access, outlook, and PowerPoint 2007, and easy to deploy to client computers in your enterprise or organization. Classic menu for office 2007 also works in different languages including English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, Dutch, Chinese, and more, it’s perfect!

Furthermore, you can try and download for free trial, and if you purchase it has automatic free updates and supports for 2 years with 60-day money back guarantee. I am happy to try this new software. It sounds great, perfect, and easier to use. So why don’t you download and install this software now? Visit the website for more queries.

Computer’s worm attack

The computer worm has backed and has been attacking again to all computers around the world; it is a software program that has been designed to copy itself from one computer to another computer without human’s control. This computer worm is called “conficker worm” that copies itself automatically without your control; this is much dangerous from computer viruses as it copies itself automatically and can replicate in great volume. I already experienced this one; it sends out copies of itself to your e-mail address book contact then quickly sends itself again to all of your contact’s e-mail address books, these worms are very fast and spread quickly!

To avoid from get infected by this worm, you should have malicious software removal tool or safety scanner, you can obtain some of these from online. Anti-virus could also help to detect and block this “conficker worm” so you are not 100% in risk by this worm, better to have anti-virus software then. Otherwise, it could harm and disable important services on your computer.

About Obama’s socialism Plan

What do you think of administration socialism plan/policy? Administration is taking and using money from the government to fulfill their socialism economic plan/policy; the health care or stimulus package. Do you think it is a right time to do it? Everybody says it is risky because United States is facing problem on financial market right now, and to take out a huge amount of money from the government is a big lost of mass. Perhaps this stimulus package helps people today but we know that on the future people in US still the one will suffer since this nation is composed of people and by people. Majority of people says that administration must focus on economic crisis and build a capitalism system to bring the US alive and not pursuing a socialism plan which is obviously could not bring a good effect on the future; spending trillions of dollars from government’s money and give directly to the people on this economic crisis is a big mess even representatives from other countries disagree with it.

Well, people in America don’t understand what’s going on! Let’s pray for the America’s future that’s only the weapon today.

Computers have changed

Computers were first introduced to the public in the early 1980’s, but on the years come technology has changed a great deal. We know that the first computers were simple machines designed for basic tasks. They did not have much memory and they were not very powerful, and it’s often quite expensive and customers often paid thousands of dollars for machines which actually did very little. Early computers were separate, individual machines used mostly as expensive typewriters or for playing games.

But, times have changed. Computers have become powerful machines with very practical applications. Many programmers have created a large selection of useful programs which do everything from teaching foreign languages to bookkeeping. We are still playing video games, but today's games have become faster, more exciting interactive adventures. Many computer users have also got on the Internet and begun communicating with other computer users around the world. We have started to create international communities online. To highlight this, the simple, individual machines of the past have evolved into an international World Wide Web of knowledge.

Experienced in Blog Network

What are your experiences in blogging networks? I’m sure you got some experiences then. First thing that we don’t like most is the delay of payment (ha-ha), sometimes it’s unacceptable and un-expectable especially if you are waiting the whole month to receive your payment due and after then there is an extension, and you will be able to receive your payment after a week, it’s frustrating and disappointing sometimes but it’s still fine as long as you get paid by then.

Have you experienced that your blog being banned? Or have your blog being eliminated from their network? I heard lots story about it! And mostly it happens when your blog is over loaded with sponsored banners or affiliate banners, advertisements, widgets, and links; through this, there is a tendency that your blog get slower access on opening process and it can be annoying to blog network and cause your blog to be eliminated from their network. The best thing you could do is to clean your blog and provides a neat site to them.

Web Hosting Choice

Are you looking a web hosting site? Web hosting choice has a list of 10 web hosting services, which are suitable to any small site or a large e-commerce site. Web Hosting Choice is helping users to choose the right web host for their personal or business website. Their top 10 web hosting services are that best web hosting sites today, with easy to follow, simple, and highest in the industry.

Apparently, as a business website owner we considered our website as one our best assets and so we need to pick the best web hosting provider that suitable for a large e-commerce website. At web hosting choice you can find cheap professional web hosting services that are rated based on affordability, reliability, uptime and tech support. And you can get cheap as $3.95 with free setup and domain, and anytime money back guarantee! It sounds amazing, isn’t it? This resource truly helps people to know what is best and the worst providers, and users can easily decide which the best web hosting services are. In fact, Web Hosting Choice picked only the affordable and popular web hosting providers nowadays; it’s definitely perfect for your personal and business website. Additionally, visit Web Hosting Choice today to learn also the basics of web hosting from their learning area.

Free homework help!

Blogging becomes hotter today, more and more wants to “blog” and want to be a member with blogging networks to earn money especially in this time of economic crisis, though some blog networks are also having difficulties or very slow in providing Opps but it is still on hit! Most people whose interested in blogging are those people who are jobless and spending much time in home, or if have job they do this in their spare time. Blogging is become most popular in North America since some of blog networks are from United States, however, it is open to all countries to advertise.

Most countries where blogging is most popular are the country from North America, Europe, and few countries in Asia like Japan, Philippines, Indonesia, and India. Blogging is become more and more popular in the world, and many people rely their living on this online business. Blogging is a legal business online, but you need to have enough knowledge in writing articles or effort on writing articles. It’s pretty interesting and fun though. I Love it!

Anyway, if you are having difficulties in English language, you can ask help online (you can find English checker or tutorials from the net). I also want to share you this Free Math homework help -> check this out!!!

Best beds and mattresses

Have you ever heard the huge range of beds available in Check out their comfortable beds and mattresses today; they have the latest styles and unbeatable prices and you can save up to 45% off with free delivery. My most favorite beds are the Metal Beds, leather beds, wooden beds, and children beds; I like their innovative design and stunning bed frames, unique styles and affordable prices. Time4Sleep has everything with bedroom furniture; from traditional to a latest contemporary design. For me all Beds and Mattresses from are fantastic, unique, and very affordable! Check out their beautiful, unique, and stunning Beds today and you can save up to 45% off with free delivery, it’s cool, isn’t it?

Their children beds could inspire your children’s imagination; your kids will surely like their beautiful and fun designs. So why don’t you buy your kid a children bed now? Check out these comfortable beds and mattresses today! At Time4sleep you can ensure the fast and free delivery on selected items, secure online payments, free mattresses with selected beds, and 45% off discount. Their metal beds and children beds are perfect for your family. Get the latest and hottest beds and mattresses at Time4sleep today!

Unable to Approve by Payperpost?

Are you wondering why your blog was not approved by Payperpost? Maybe it's frustrating and disappointing for you! Based on what I've experienced before, when my blog was disapproved to them, they said that my blog does not met the requirements like blog must be at least 90 days in order to participate, it would be counted from the blog first post. Furthermore, a blog must have at least 20 pre-existing original quality posts at least 3-5 sentences in the last 90 days prior to using their service. Additionally, it says also that many of my posts are not written clearly, how's that happened? Posts must be coherent and written clearly in order to approve the blog. Well I was advised to resubmit my blog again in the future if I had enough qualified of their requirements.

But, on the other hand, I was approved by Socialspark prior to them, it's still adequate. If you have experienced same like this, don't worry just post more topics with good grammar and content that clearly written by your own.

Parenting advice and tips

Are you a mother and looking a parenting advice and tips? Parents Connect has everything you need, from pregnancy to childbirth, baby names to child care, toddlers to teens, advice, tips, and more! This resource is perfect, it helps mother to deal with tantrums and other toddler behavior, also includes toddler games and toddler activities which considered also as one of the strategies. And I think as long as your child could able talk and understand, that skill is enough to start pre-school, and speaking of that, parents Connect has more advice and tips for that. Explore it today!

At this resource tips and advice are applied and perhaps you don’t need to call a babysitter just to take a nap. This site is useful to a mother indeed.

About Online Business

Today, mostly people do blogging and people preferred to have business online, the role of bloggers is to create reviews or buzz from advertiser site (the owner of the website that has online business). Apparently, the person who owns the business site online considered his/her website as one of the most important assets, and they preferred to trust their website to the hands of professionals that keep their website steady like SEO (Search Engine Optimization) network, or any website monitoring or network monitoring. Having online business is not easy and simple, the person who owns a business website needs to watch the availability and monitor the performance of his/her website.

There are also lots of monitoring services online that manage the website and keep an eye for any troubles, and updating your website. When you have online business your first goal is to stay away from poor performance; means the website does not go to poor performance at all, and your online business has to continuously grown, otherwise you will get poor earnings. So what do you think about online business?

Seaweed Wrap

Looking a body wrap that could firm your skin? has a selection of body wraps that could firm up skin, reduce cellulite, and lose up to 20 inches! Get this amazing seaweed wrap today and you can ensure the quick results, and you can perform it at home with no hassle, save money over the salon prices, and have privacy at home. With a spa quality wrap you can expect big results after! The role of seaweed wrap is to firm the skin on your stomach and thigh, or other part of the body. So what are you waiting for get these best non-dehydrating wraps today! The body wraps that work well.

Relationship in Online Dating

Do you believe in Online dating site? Well, online dating is true and real, you can find a life partner over the internet, online dating site today is a dating system that two people or group of people can communicate each other over the internet, and develop a romantic relationship. Before to become a member, you must provide personal information about you such as age, gender and location, and members can also upload photos of them and browse the photos of others. Online dating is a popular dating way of relationship.

Also, we heard lots of story regarding online dating site and mostly came up to happy ending relationship. In fact, at online dating you will get a chance to meet a life-partner! To start, all you have to do is to make a profile and put complete info about yourself on the profile, and later on you can build friendships or a relationship and meet some good friends.

Golf Holiday in German

Do you like Golf? Visit Golfurlaub today, they offer holidays and golf weeks all over the world, I like golf but I don’t know how to play it but I always watching golf sport on TV, if I have given chance I want to learn Golf but I think it’s one of the difficult sports in the world; I think mostly likes to play Golf are the old folks. I also know some friends who are very smart on playing Golf; it’s very entertaining and fun sport indeed! And I know there's a lot out there wants to learn to play Golf. I believe that if you really eager to learn Golf you will be learned but you need to spend time for it and more practice.

Golfreisen is called a golf holidays in German; they offer everything to do with golf and they have called golf shop, golf news, and golf vacations. If you want to learn Golf visit this resource and maybe someday you will be a best Golf player; this is your chance to learn Golf! Their school offers courses for children through to the playing permission in Germany. They have Golf shop which is the biggest in Germany that offers all brand names of Golf Equipments, with immediate deliver names. At everything about Golf and equipment is here. So why don’t you visit Golf Reisen today to learn more about it and maybe enjoy their golf holiday offer?

Try to visit their Golf courses and lessons now; I’m sure it would be interesting for you. If you are golf player then everything you need about golf equipments are already here, just visit their golf shop and you can ensure the quick delivery. Learn Golf and gain it in the future! This is the best place for you and for your children!

Spring is Coming!

I feel that spring season is coming; this is good news for those who are interested in starting up a garden! This spring time, me and my hubby are planning to make a garden in front of our porch (on the yard), we are thinking to grow vegetables like squash, hot pepper, cabbage, and eggplant, and fruits like tomato, and melon.

Last year I was amazed to witness the fast-growing plants in United States, they have a super and incredible fertilizer that makes plants grow faster, and I have never seen this super fertilizer before, very amazing! When we talk about gardening it may also refer to greening and beautification. So let’s start planting on this spring season and let’s enjoy the spring and summer again! I am so excited, are you? Spring and summer seasons are the perfect seasons of the year in United States! I am glad to experience it again.

About Web Design today

What is meant by Web design to you? Web Design is also refer to as “Designing a web site” or as the arrangement and creation of web pages that in turn make up a web site. Web design is not simple and easy especially for newbie; it needs more patience, time, and effort, you need to spend more time to work for it. But we heard free web design practices online for newbie, it helps thousands of people who are new to the world of web design. I used to look some web design practices online that include tips and tricks, and tutorials, it helps, and it’s worth because it’s free!

Web design is interesting and challenging indeed, if you think you have a passion or interest on web design, take a look online and you can obtain lessons and steps to guide you to start web design and you can also ask questions regarding web design; just join to any web design forum networks.

About Social Networks

Do you love social network? I love social network, in fact, one of my favorite social network is “Friendster,” I also heard about “MySpace,” “Facebook,” “Ringo,” and many others. Furthermore, there's a lot of social networks today based on types and categories like the new social network called redheads; a social network only for redheaded people. And a Social network for bloggers; a network that exclusive only for bloggers, and social network for moms, single men/women, lovers, and more! Social network is one of the interesting networks today; people can meet friends and can build friendship through it.

Sometimes, social network has also instant messenger that help people to communicate easily from anywhere in the world, social network is mostly free; you can join it for free if you wanted to. From social network you can meet people across the world because it is open worldwide.

The following social networks mentioned above are the social networks that I have known and the well-known social networks today.

About Backups

Have you lost your important data or files sometimes? Or did your computer crash and didn’t able to recover and lost all the restored files? Well, I always experienced these problems too and I don’t have reserved backups; this incident is usually happened to everybody. I remember a Couple years ago my friend accidentally lost her wedding photos; it was happened when she transferred the photos to laptop computer from her digital camera and the laptop computer went crazy, and she was unable to locate the photos anymore, she tried to fix it but she did not make it then. All the wedding photos were lost! She is very sad and frustrated.

But since today we have some high-technology, humans creating solutions for that, in fact, this is not really a big problem because you can backup your files online if you insist to do it! This is very crucial for business files and other personal important files, although we usually use hard drive or disk to use for backing up files but there are more secure and convenient online backup solutions which are easier to use for disaster recovery and give instant access to your critical data files.

Top 10 Entrecard Droppers

Top 10 Entrecard Droppers:

I would like to thanks the top 10 entrecard droppers on my page. I really appreciate your effort, for continuously dropping and visiting my page. These top 10 entrecard droppers are from the month of February to March (30 days). To all my loyal EC droppers I will continuously post your name on my blog every 30 days as acknowledgment and honor! Again, thank you so much! I hope to see you again next month. Good Luck to all my fellow bloggers and Keep up the good work! God bless us all and more power! Many thanks.

Quality and Durable Tarps

Looking a wholesale Tarp for cover up? Wholesale Tarp is the expert to ask when you are looking for something to cover up; it’s a solution for your leaky roof, on your boat, for your camping, keeping your wood pile dry during winter season, and even in home made “slip ‘n Slide”. Wholesale Tarp has no sales tax and you can get the highest quality tarps anytime as they always have quality tarps available, you can ensure the capability of their products as all tarps they sell are hand inspected at the factory, and they carry Tarps eight-colors, ranging in durability and thickness as well. If you are looking water-resistant tarps, mildew proof tarps, tear resistant tarps, and acid resistant and have arctic flexibility, Wholesale Trap will provide you for that. This resource is truly a great selection of Tarps, with 220 size color combination. At Wholesale Tarp customers always come first, they provide you the coverage you need, with quality, durable, and weather-resistant tarps.

So, visit the Wholesale tarp today to check their huge selection of tarps including economy blue tarps, shelter tarps, heavy duty tarp, boat tarps, and more! Visit this resource today that provides services for any season and any job tough.

Approved by Socialspark?

I got approved by Socialspark a couple months ago and I was so happy. First I was very confused so I posted opportunity on my blog which is affiliates (haha), and my back was hurting, and at the end I was mistaken. Well, I did not know that there are different types of opportunities. To get an opportunity there should be 3 perfect green in all square at the right side of the post in order to grab it. If the square above the qual is red mean it is close and you need to wait to turn it to green to be opened and same with the square below qual if it is red mean you should wait until to turn it green and if your qual is red mean you are not qualified, again you can't just take the opportunities if the all 3 squares is not definitely all green.

SocialSpark is one of the blog networks with high amount rate of opportunities, they have minimum of 5$ per post. It's pretty interesting!

BillQuick 2009 Software

Looking for time billing and project management solutions? BQE software released BillQuick 2009 today to help to simplify your day-to-day activities, this great and new software performs projects, vendor billing and purchase orders, time and expenses, and billing and AR, it’s perfect for your daily activities! The software enhances workflows and process to shortcut your daily activities. Watch what’s New in BillQuick 2009 Video: to learn the 200 new and improved features including file linking, customizable dashboard, and in-built report customization. BillQuick 2009 focuses on time billing and project management for professional services firms, at a very low price. This new software helps to scanned documents, and through file linking feature the graphics and files can be linked directly to clients, projects, time, expense, vendor bill and purchase order records. This is perfect for daily activities and projects, and BillQuick is always your solution! Plus, they have 30-day free trial version that includes tech support so you can try their product for free. Bill Quick is fast and secure, and has an easy access from any internet browser. So why don’t you create or review profiles of your all activities, expenses, employees, clients and projects? Get and try this new software today!

How to spam un-wanted emails

How to spam un-wanted emails:

I hate receiving unwanted emails on my inbox and it is happening every day. I want to block those emails that have been received by my yahoo inbox, and I made steps how to stop it forever. Well, it’s very simple steps then. All you have to do is to spam it all after selecting the un-wanted emails from your inbox. I did these steps:

1. I log in to my yahoo account, from the current page I clicked the inbox folder found at the left side of the page.
2. Then from my inbox page, I choose the mails that I want to discard forever by just checking the box found at the left side of the mails.
3. When I am done, I simply clicked the “spam” button found between “delete” and “Mark” button located above of the page.
4. Then those emails that you have just spammed will go directly to your bulk or spam folder instead of your inbox folder, and it will automatically delete after days.

About Entrecard for me

I am a member of entrecard network for months and it is not bad, it is useful for traffic and it’s the same with social network too or let’s say it is a type of social network for bloggers or it is really a social network in a way that you can meet friends or fellow bloggers within the network, it’s fun indeed!

Anyway, I have noticed that Entrecard has maximum numbers when it comes to card droppings, I think you could only have less than 50 cards to drop every day, they have a limitation for it. You will know when you drop a card from drop button and it displays “Go Go” rather than “Thank you”, so mean if you see “Go Go” text from drop button you should stop because your limitation is ended, and no longer be counted or it won’t arrive on blogger’s drop inbox anymore. For me, Entrecard is the best network for bloggers!

Being hacked after worm virus

Finally, the virus worm was gone! What is this worm? It was the virus that you had experienced lately from your computer; it causes your computer crashed and frozen, this worm virus lately was spreading everyday and there are millions of computers being attacked by this virus. However, it was gone now but there is another problem that you need to pay attention, possibly the virus was gone but there is a tendency that you will be hacked over online. It happens now, you will notice when your computer experience slow, more pop ups, and getting unwanted ads you must pay attention for that because that’s a sign that you are probably being hacked.
First thing you should do is to shield that, your anti-virus could help but you need to have a high recommended and high quality anti-virus scanner on your computer. Download and buy anti-virus as soon as possible to have a protection!

AuraStella silver jewelry home party

Do you love jewelries? I recommend AuraStella Silver Jewelry Home Party Business; it has an amazing sterling silver Jewelry, and if you check out their catalog they have beautiful sterling silver jewelry with incentive trips and free jewelry incentives. Women always love jewelry; it’s your chance to dress up with AuraStella sterling silver jewelry on your party plan business. If you need to come up with fun and wish to earn thousands of dollars during this economic crisis then this will be your chance.

AuraStella is a new sterling silver jewelry company and a lifetime opportunity; it is dedicated to individuals who are looking earning opportunities, great compensation, or incentives and commission. In fact, AuraStella silver jewelry home party business offers hostess benefits to those who are willing to be part of it, if you become a member today you will earn up to 30-35% commission on retail sales and up to 5%-19% in down-line commission including car allowance, it’s amazing! As a consultant you can also earn up to $1,750 in free jewelry in your first three months. AuraStella is convenient as it has online website and shopping cart for customers. For more queries just contact Susan Crivac the representative, top sales, and recruiting specialist with AuraStella.

About Web Design

What is Web design? It is simply the purpose of creating a website that presents to the end user in the form of web pages. Include text, forms, and images that can be placed on the page using HTML, XHTML, and XML tags.

Designing a web is the arrangement and creation of web pages to make up a web site. And a web page consists of information for which the web site is developed same as a pages of the book, these where to write some words and information to publish and share it to the world.

Web design has the basic aspects; these are the content, usability, appearance, and visibility. The content is refer to the information on the site, the usability is the interface and navigation simple and reliable, the appearance is refer to the graphics and text in professional and appealing style, and the visibility is refer to a major search engines and advertisement media, in where the site is publish to be visible to all.

AutoNet Van Insurance

Are you driving a van with 3.5toones? If you need cheap van insurance I will recommend the Auto Net Insurance, it refers to both commercial vehicle insurance and commercial van insurance; this is available on any UK or EU states highways. Having valid Van Insurance is a legal requirement to enable drivers to drive on the public highway; if you drive a commercial van or vehicles nowadays you should have it! Auto Net Van Insurance provides high quality insurance products and cheapest van insurance throughout the UK. If you get van insurance today from AutoNet you can save up to 70% off, so why don’t you grab this opportunity today and enjoy their unbeatable insurance guaranteed? For insurance quotes; they provide both online van insurance quotes and van insurance quotes over the telephone.

Auto net van insurance has 3 cover types; the third party only cover, third party fire and theft cover, and comprehensive cover. The reason why AutoNet Insurance Group is the best van insurance is they provide low cost and high quality van insurance throughout the UK. So why don’t you call now for a great deal? They have dedicated experts to get you a great deal! Visit the Auto Net Insurance today for more queries.

How to Rearrange or change HTML CSS code

We desperately want to rearrange or change the background or performance of our template to make it cool or to make it better from our eyes and to our visitors. I was exploring to change my webpage background and changing a little bit like widen the space background, changing the color and transferring my sidebar. Here is the following I did:
I want to switch the position of my sidebar from left to right to make it ease and better, so if you see this code in your CSS section
#sidebar {
Width: 250px;
Float: left;
Padding: 8px 0;
Margin: 0;
Word-wrap: break-word; /* fix for long text breaking sidebar float in IE */overflow: hidden; /* fix for long non-text content breaking IE sidebar float */}
Just replace the left with right, like float: right;
Then I want to change my existing background since my background is a form of image so this is the code you need to locate on your CSS
#main-bot {
Width: 1150px;
Height: 50px;
Background: #FFF3DB url(" no-repeat top left;
Margin: 0;
Padding: 0;
Display: block ;}
I remove the url of the image and I replace it with color background like background: #CCCCCC or if your background is not a form of image, you can do the same.
Finally I want to widen my background space to make it not too narrow, so I need to find the #header-wrapper, #outer-wrapper, #main-wrapper and #sidebar-wrapper, you just simply change the width size of it, like width:660px; to width:700px. That was I've learned.

About tamanu oil benefits

When I read the tamanu oil benefits I did not surprise because the opinion in reviews is same comments I heard from other people and as to my friends. It is nice to hear that  this product cure a range of infections including ring worm, athlete’s foot, itching and dermaphytosis of the scalp, and much more! As what I have heard  this product is amazing. I am glad to hear this because I am looking a solution  for  my itchy skin - I really feel bad on my skin, I got this red allergies and it's really itchy. And I really feel embarrass on this! I hope I could get a solution for this. I've heard that this tamanu oil that treats a range of infections including ring worm, athlete’s foot, itching and dermaphytosis of the scalp is effective and authentic. I am started thinking of  buying  this tamanu oil product to apply on my skin. Currently, I am reading the review on this product so I will know everything about it,  and it could help me  to decide whether I am going to buy the product or not.

XML Error messages in changing template

“Your template could not be parsed as it is not well-formed. Please make sure all XML elements are closed properly. XML error message: The document type declaration for root element type "html" must end with '>' ."
I have tried to change my template months ago and the error message above was occured, it was so strange because I checked it many times and there was no error regarding of codes, I was copying the code from my desired template and paste it to my website template, but here's what I discovered; I have tried not to copy paste the code, I directly browse and upload the template. To replace template from current to new, just do the following:

1. Backup your current template, save it to computer drive, you can do that by clicking the download full template from the EDIT HTML page, located above on the page
2. Download or save your desired new template anywhere on your computer disk
3. Click the browse located at your EDIT HTML page then locate the file of the desired template that you have just saved from your computer then click upload, make sure that the file you have click is in XML Document. Mostly when we download or save a template it is in the folder so all you have to do is to separate the xml document file or pick that xml document from the files in the folder otherwise you will be having an error code. I hope it could help!

Sexy lingerie

Do you love sexy lingerie? Women is suppose to wear sexy lingerie and we know that every woman likes it, man would prefer to buy sexy lingerie to give to his woman, I would say lingerie is always the perfect gift to give to the women indeed, women would love to have more collection of sexy lingerie I can say that because I am woman too, and I would prefer to receive sexy lingerie as a gift. Oh well, you can find some sexy lingerie at Flirty Lingerie, it can be a pair of sexy panties, bra, and panty set or a corset with stockings, this is the best resource to shop with all kinds of sexy lingerie whatever you consider sexy lingerie consider shopping at flirty lingerie as your online destination for sexy lingerie and all the essentials.

Do you like sexy mini skirt? You can find it here too; miniskirt is look perfect, cute and sexy! If you always want to look sexy to everybody then you should wear this kind of sexy stuff, display your beauty and enhance your look. Get the sexy clothes or sexy lingerie today at Flirty Lingerie! When you get their sexy clothes you can wear it with your sandals, high heel, and boots, you can also wear it by your hosiery, stocking, and leggings. Flirty lingerie has a huge selection of sexy clothes, sexy lingerie with the hottest and latest fashion, hottest club wear skirts, club clothes and flirty skirts, sexy dress, bras, bridal lingerie as well, and more. This is a perfect resource where you can get present to your loved ones; lingerie is always a popular choice for most men when it comes to shopping for gift and women always desired with a gift of lingerie. So why don’t you visit it now?

Simple way to make traffic

Want more traffic? Well there is no shortcut to come up more traffic but it is said the content of your blog is the King, which is the ultimate thing to get more traffic; your post must be unique and interesting to a readers, say it well and clear. Always provide new interesting post that could catch the attention of your visitors, read blogs and comments which a good way to create relationships of the other active bloggers. Add tags and concentrate on SEO, it is says tags and keywords are important from the point of view of search engine.

Fundamentally, adds your URL in Google, Yahoo, Msn and other possible search engine here is the list, always search your Url link in Google, Yahoo or Msn, get more some friends and visit them frequently. Also participate any blog forum, make a thread as this time you could have some friends to get ex-links. Make use of Social Sites too, social sites are always useful like Digg and Stumble that can really bring good amount of traffic, and your posts are automatically shared through Social sites.

Gift Card Printer

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free blogging network and blog host

If you are the beginner, first thing you need to do is to create your own Blog, think what topic would you like to post and build, I recommend some of this free blogging site: - is a free blog publishing tool from Google for easily sharing your thoughts with the world. - is a community where you can start your own free blog, share your photos and any videos, and meet new friends too! - A personal blogging service where people share thoughts, photos, videos with people, friends and family.

You can select with those options to start your own weblog, sign up and registered and then after your account activated you can start now to create or build your post, whatever title you want. Blogging is the act of keeping an online journal, so you must be creative and think irrelevant post, with your own ideas, opinion and knowledge about everything you want to write. This is very fun and your can earn by it.

After creating your blog, you can publish it to share in the world and you can now start joining to the blog advertising network , to get paid for blogging. Here some blog advertising network: - It is a community site that helps bloggers generates a better income, and it could be defined as a network devoted to blog advertising. You get paid for blogging writing your own opinions. - is an automated system that allows bloggers to promote theirr web site, product, service, or company through the PayPerPost network of bloggers. - is a blog marketing and blog advertising service. - bloggers to place a bid for the opportunities released by advertisers. It doesn’t have ranking system, so their suggested price (desired price) is set by own. - It is Internet service to generate Buzz and Traffic from bloggers. Build quality traffic to your website. It is a Paid per Post opportunity, accept assignments and make a little money. - connects advertisers with bloggers who is willing to write an honest review about their services and products. It is the company that buy reviews from bloggers based on their advertisers needs.

Sexy clothes

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Steps to increase Blog traffic

Steps to increase Blog traffic:

SEO Basics For On Page Optimization; There are many common myths that float around the SEO industry often confusing the less experienced SEO’s and in some cases seriously misleading the newbie webmaster. One such myth surrounds on page SEO and its effects on search engine results. There are 2 common myths that exist and both are false:
1. On page SEO is useless for Google Optimization
2. META Tags are the only important aspects of SE

In blogging content is king and marketing is queen. If you write high quality original content and promote it then the result may be an increase in organic traffic, or not. If it’s not easy to locate your content in search engines then there will be no increase in new traffic. Thus, what determine success are two things: whether or not your content is found, and whether or not the readers who do find it become subscribers.

Bloggers and their readers are co-creators of a blog’s brand. It’s important to invest time into finding the correct niche for your blog and formulating your goals. It’s likewise just as important to examine your blog in terms of growth models. In the final analysis, all bloggers need to focus on creating relationships with other bloggers by leaving meaningful comments on their blogs, and by encouraging “organic” traffic that translates into a faithful blog readership for your own blog by responding to the comments you get.

And Encouraging blog readers to comment; keep readers interested by writing fresh content. Start conversations by writing compelling blog posts that invite readers to comment. When your readers do comment respond promptly and in a welcoming manner so they feel comfortable expressing their thoughts and opinions.

How to form blog centered relationships; Those who are investing quality time in reading the blogs of their friends, leaving meaningful comments on them exploring the archives in their friends blogs, and finding posts to back link to in new posts they write in their own blogs are on the right track.

The best Candies

I love candies since when I was young; I just remember when I was in my young age I always curious to taste every type of candies because I love sweet treats. I love M&Ms candies its taste good and I think most people like it especially kids, these tasty treats sometimes can remove your stress and make you feel better, well, simply the sweet taste can always make you feel good and relax. Speaking of tasty treats you can visit bulk candy to get some tasty treats online they offer more choices and huge selection of amazing candies online. You can also get the best candy recipes and you can create delicious treats for your family and friends, just check out their website. Visit the Rock Candy that has lemon, lime, sour apple or root beer flavors, you and your friends, and family will love crunching down on these nostalgic candies, give your craving kids of this rock candy treats. Also they have called Hard Candy its good for mouth exercise; you can pick different flavors too. This is great resource for tasty treats ever! Why don’t you visit their website and order today? They have incredible candies indeed. They deliver to satisfy your sweet tooth!

The difference between blogger and advertiser

Blogger is usually the publisher who own the website, creator of the content and creates buzz of the products, or mean Blogger is a Guest in which the advertiser pays to them to do the job in publishing their products, and the payment would be negotiable depending how much the amount of the blog post, and here the publisher will write their own ideas and opinion about the advertiser's products. Take note Publisher and advertiser is also use in affiliate marketing, when you get sign up in any community site like,,,,,, you will asked whether you sign up as a publisher or as an advertiser.

Advertiser Blog Offers some online advertising tips, business tools, Internet advertising articles and money making information and more. Advertisers find appropriate groups of blog from which to choose by tags and once they find a great suitable blog, the contact initiated by the advertiser directly with the blogger and the dealing will start and work out between the advertiser and the blogger for any desired service.

Steering rack

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What is On-site optimization?

How this on-site optimization helps for traffic? The SEO optimization according to my research could help on blog traffic, this is what I got and learned from the forum. It says that the On-site means formatting your HTML properly, closing all your tags even if the page shows correctly with them left open, have your links in text rather than images so the search engines know what you are linking to and can assign relevancy points, if they must be images for your links, use the IMG ALT tag so search engines can tell what it has to do with. Even though it obviously can't see and give relevancy points for your image, it can read your img alt. This is all pretty much common sense, make it so a computer can scan your site and get an idea of what it’s about and what you are linking to.

What is Off-site Optimization?

Do you know what is mean by Off-site optimization? According to my research, the major thing that gives you Page Rank (How Google judges your importance and sorts your results in comparison to your competitors) is link backs. Like has so many link backs they don't need to define their doctype. They actually do define their doctype.But what is link back? It simply an anchor that links to your site that doesn't originate in your domain, you can generate link backs by asking fellow bloggers to link back to you, or if you are a business ask your vendors and even customers. And you can also link to your blog on forums and stuff and that will count as a link back but however, you need to understand that forums and comments on blogs have been abused by spam links and we have come up with something called NOFOLLOW that will tell search engines not to index stuff that is linked to on the sites comments and forums. Linking to negative pages will decrease your page rank also. It means a negative page linking to you has no effect. You can do On-Site optimize as much as you can and build link backs but only if they are relevant.

Role of Social networking in blog traffic

For blog traffic, first we must make sure that search engines (Mainly Google) could find you, this process is called SEO. But, however, what is the benefit of Social networking? Just note that social networking like Blog Catalog, Digg, Del and etc are not a magic bullet to get page rank even though people are reading your blog they are not definitely going to link to it, all you have to do is you need to make friends that are interested in your interests and as you post they will read it then, and maybe link back.

The magic bullet for gaining page rank, readers and traffic is to have great content; in this way if you have excellent content people will naturally want to tell their friends and the friends of their friends then some will link to you.

Free Emoticons and Winks

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How to attach files in Hotmail mailbox

Are you a newbie in hotmail? Well, if you don’t know how to attach files like pictures then I will share you the steps. These steps is dedicated to all newbie and not too familiar in hotmail account. You can do the following steps:

1. Log in to your hotmail account, then click “New” button found at the top of the page
2. Then when you are at the page, write first the email address of the person who you are sending the files, write it inside the textbox name To:
3. Then when you are done, you can see “Attach” at the top of the page between “Save draft” and “Spell check” simply click it
4. And then there is a selection of attachment either file or photo just click which of them you are going to apply then locate the files or photos in your computer then attach it, just follow the rest instructions , just click “ok” or “attach” and hit send when it is ready.

Sending photos in yahoo mail

For those newbie in yahoo mail or not too familiar in yahoo mailbox, these steps is dedicated to you. I will share you the steps how to attach or send picture from your yahoo mail to same yahoo mail account, hotmail, or other type of accounts. Do the following steps:

1. Log in to your yahoo mail account, from the mail page simply click “compose” button beside check mail
2. From the compose page, be sure to write first the email address where you want to send the photos, write the email address inside the textbox name To:
3. Then when you are done simply click the “Attach Files” found below the name “Subject”
4. Now click the “Browse” button ; you can send 5 photos simultaneously, after clicking the browse locate the photos from your computer files where you saved it
5. When you are done, click “Attach files” button found at the bottom of the page beside “Cancel” button.
6. Then wait for the quick loading. When the file is already attached or the loading is complete you can now type messages from the message box below before you hit the send button, however if you don’t want to include text messages you can go directly to “send” button, and you will be prompted if it is successfully sent. Then done!

Ways to prevent loss of page rank

Ways to prevent future loss of page rank:

Search engines have made changes regarding to a sponsored posting. Here some advice since the search engines have primarily targeted blogs and reduced page ranks across the board. Apparently if you have a higher page rank then your blog will receive more campaign offers. To avoid any future loss of page rank you can do the following steps:

1. If possible remove all sponsored post badge or tags on each of your posts because search engines can follow these tags to determine if it is paid posts or you are being paid for posts.
2. And if possible remove any other tags as well like “review me” or “hire me” find another way to remove or change it as long it is not very distinct.
3. Make lots of relevant posts in your blog that is interesting on your readers. In addition, avoid too much compensating posts.
4. Always update your website every day.

Car title loan

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Changing a friendster background

Friendster is one of the well-known social sites today. If you have a Friendster account and you want to change your profile background, well you can make your own background to be displayed on your Friendster profile without using the Friendster default skin or back ground, or its called customization. You can apply the following steps:

1. First Log in to your Friendster account , at your Friendster page you can see “ profile” beside “home”
2. from profile simply scroll the arrow to “edit Profile” and click it
3. from edit profile page click the “Customize” beside “Main” and below “My profile”
4. Then go to “Customize CSS” found at the bottom of the page and simply click the “Customize with CSS editor” then you can now make changes to the background and etc. and when you are done copy and paste the generated CSS code into the Customize CSS input box and click “save” button found at the bottom of your friendster page.
5. When you are done, your profile has been automatically updated and you can start viewing your new profile now for test. Nevertheless you can have trial and error portion until it makes perfect for you. It very simple. Go! Go! Go!

How to change a custom template in Blogger

Do you want to change your custom template in Blogger? Or are you going to change your classic template to custom template? Well I’ll share you the steps I’ve done. But be sure to do backup first or save your previous template just in case if you don’t like what will happen. You can apply the following basic steps:

1. First Log in to your blogger account and be sure you are at “Dashboard” page, just click the dashboard beside “My Account”
2. under the Dashboard page, simply click “layout” below the title name of your website
3. on your layout page click “ Edit HTML” text found between “Fonts and Colors” and “Pick New Template”
4. From the “edit HTML” page, before you proceed if you want to back up your previous template simply click the “Download Full Template” found at the top.
5. When you finished, you can now proceed downloading your new template by clicking the “browse” button ( at this time be sure you have already new HML template save at your computer disk or files) after clicking the browse button locate the HML template files saved at your computer files/drive and click the “Upload” button
6. To continue just click “Ok” then click the “save” button. Just follow the easy instructions

Work boots for protection

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