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Since I have never updated my blogs for about weeks my page rank turns down to zero (PR0)- though three weeks is not really a long period of time ( it's just a short period of time) but since I missed it the traffic of my blogs have automatically down to zero, very disgusting! My Google index has gone to zero too. And my real rank decreases; I don't know how I am going to fix it or how to get my Page rank back again, I really don't know how to figure it out.

I have learned that your sites/blogs must be updated everyday and must to try to search in Google, yahoo,or any search engines to maintain your page rank. Now, my two sites have got a zero page rank, and zero google index and only have few visitors as well. I do hope that I can get my page rank back again because if not I would only get few offers otherwise.

Useful Tool for searching

I am a blogger and I do blog most of the time. Blogging is not only for compensation but this is the way where you can express your own opinions and ideas around the world. In blogging you can share your thoughts freely, you can post great and interesting news, and you can look new updates in any events worldwide. Also, in blogging you can write your own diary,and you can post interesting pictures and videos and share it to the world. To create blog you can use or register to a free web hosting site or to a paid web hosting site; building blogs/websites is fun and interesting you can embed photos or videos on your own and spread it to the world.

Creating blog has no rule; you are free to create everything you want to write in your blog. One thing I like most in blogging is you can express your own thoughts and opinions without hesitation. If you have a business blog then you need to create more traffic to your blog in order to capture more readers and visitors. Speaking of traffic, you can search or add your blog to any search engines such as pdf search, google, yahoo, msn, etc.

We have got a netbook laptop

I have been wishing to purchase jewelries online but unfortunately I have no budget right now (lol)! But, anyway I have  just found these jewelry showcases, it would be nice and perfect for your customers if you are selling jewelries.

However, even though I don't have expensive jewelries, I have just got a netbook laptop (lol) - we have just purchased a netbook laptop (with Linux operating system); it's called Ultralite Network Linux and the model is Alpha 400 MIPS with 400 MHZ and 128 MB. We purchased this netbook laptop because we thought that we can directly connect it to the wireless internet connection since it is already a wireless laptop computer, but when we tried to connect it, it was not working ( we can't connect to the internet). We talked to the customer service where we purchased the item and it says we need to buy a G wireless USB since the main internet connection we have got has a router connection; this is really confusing to me!

Hopefully it is going to work by then after we get a USB wireless. I have thought that the wireless computer could automatically connect to the internet without using extended wireless drive.

Satellite TV

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