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Changing a classic template in blogger

Changing a classic template in blogger
Do you want to change your classic template in blogger? Well you can do it but back up first your current template, save it to your hard drive for just in case when trouble occurs. You can apply the following basic steps:

1. First Log in to your blogger account, be sure to click the “Dashboard” found at the right top of the page beside “ My account”
2. From the Dashboard page click “layout” text below your website name or your website title
3. When you are finished, from the layout page click “Pick New Template” text found between “edit HTML” and “Monetize”
4. Now you can pick the classic templates on the template displayed by just clicking it. When you are done simply click “SAVE TEMPLATE” button. (Changing your template will discard any changes you made in fonts and colors but your page elements will be retained) it’s very important to have backup so that you can easily swift it back if you don’t like the new template.

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