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Chikka messenger

Are you familiar with Chikka? Chikka is a text messenger which is free for sending and receiving messages worldwide. You can able to send text messages to any cell phones to the country of Philippines, USA, taiwan, India, etc. from chikka messenger account with no charge, but however, if you send messages to chikka or to chikka number from your phone you will be charged every text then. CHikka is fantastic, it's usually known text messenger in the Philippines; from sending text messages to receiving text messages for free. How it works? You must register first to site and after completing the registration you can now log in to your chikka text messenger. To start sending messages just click the envelope symbol in the toolbar and type the phone number in the box that you want to send text and you can now begin writing messages, after then you will be asked to type the screen name of the recipient and click the save button and it's automatically save in your inbox.

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