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Computer worm news

Today, on April 1 based on the research the conficker worm has scheduled to attack. This worm will try to hack your account information either on banking account online and will be able to steal your password, and control your account over the internet and on your local computer information as well. Some expert says to avoid these hackers or criminals that trying to steal your security and privacy; you should have strong anti-virus or scanner and always updates your windows. For updates; go to “start” button found at the bottom of your screen then click “all programs” and click “windows update”. However, anti-virus software is the most important you should have it by this time.

Since the attack of conficker worm has been being scheduled on April 1, the safest way to get rid from it is to shut down your computer for whole day (April 1) for a meantime to ensure that you will not be attacked on this conficker worm organized by hackers or criminals. Let's protect our valuable computers!

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coffee maker said...

I've heard from multiple sources that the Conficker worm won't be a threat to Mac users, thank goodness

samy said...

hey nice information to your post.